The cursed party emerges from the anti-church to assess the situation and head to town. Something about them isn’t quite as it was.

The scene switches to Joshua careening through the air at the claws of the leathery flying beast. It makes an evil laugh and maneuvers him into every branch. The hapless man dislocates his arm, and is dropped from great height into a circle of cultists of The Yellow King. The cultists are driven off by heavy fire, which is revealed to be government operatives looking for Dr. Leila Safir-Farrouk. One of the strangers fixes up Joshua as best as possible and injects him with morphine. The seaman manages to tell the operatives only what he wants them to know despite the influence of the morphine. Satisfied, the operatives disappear into the forest and one of the dead cultists grabs Joshua’s ankle. It seems the cultist is being healed by some strange yellow and black larva within his body. The terrified seafarer is knocked out from behind.
[12:36 AM]
Joshua awakens to darkness and the smell of earth, bound by zip ties. He hears chanting above him, accompanied by an ominous atmosphere. Using his face and his body to crawl he manages to make his way to a window. Desperate, Joshua uses his own head to smash through the window and escapes by crawling through the broken glass. He stumbles from the woods and collapses in front of his friends walking down the road back towards the cop car.

Aubery collects the keys from where the cop’s body was and notices the uniform is still there, but the body is missing completely with only a trail of viscera indicating the direction it may have been taken. The security guard doesn’t tell us what she’s seen and drives us to the town. On the drive we realize that being seen in the officer’s car would be dangerous. We stop and exchange the police car for Barnabas’s sports car, after which, we bring Joshua to the nearby clinic.
[12:36 AM]
Inside, the clinic seems to be in disarray, with a strange, inhuman moan somewhere deeper in. Aubrey manages to use a tag to swipe herself, Genevieve, and Joshua through the back door. The door shuts behind them and the trio are face-to-face with monstrous candy-stripers holding various sharp objects, frozen in strange postures. Quickly the three find out that noises attract these creatures. Our wounded captain is struck by a needle filled with a narcotic that interacts with his previous narcotic medication and he passes out. Our orderly is sliced with a knife, and her pseudo-daughter is injected with insulin. Aubrey runs off in search of a generator to make noise to distract the gory candy-stripers – she finds it and turns it on, diverting the horror-nurses from Genevieve and Joshua. While she is deep within the hospital, Aubrey collects as much as she can of useful items to the party. She sends Genevieve out with Joshua in a wheelchair and goes to the records room. The records are digitized, so she steals the hard drive, returning outside before the candy-stripers return from destroying the generator.

We all fit back into the Supra to head towards the Historical Society. There Barnabas finds a hose for his car, and returns to practicing the Yellow Sign on the legal pad as he was when waiting in the car at the hospital. The Yellow Sign draws Barnabas in, bestowing on him the awareness that the cultists are trying to pull the island into the void of the demimonde permanently. At this time, none of us notice the silence of all things around us except for Genevieve.
[12:36 AM]
Genevieve and Barnabas are knocked aside by a demimonde monster, and Joshua is sloshed with water from the hose, awaking with a start to fall face-first on the gravel from the trunk. The Supra goes spinning from the monster’s impact with Aubrey and Leila inside. Aubrey attempts to use one of our knock-out syringes on it but it merely swipes her aside. Barnabas realizes that the monster responds to simple commands from him as long as it is allowed to commit violent acts. In some quick thinking, he hands off a scent marker to it for the special ops that are after Dr. Farrouk. When it ventures off, we find that Genevieve has a broken arm. Dr. Farrouk calms Barnabas’s hemophobia with some psychological skill (despite it being laced with toxic positivity) and he and Joshua work to reset the bone and bandage her up.

We regroup and enter the Historical Society to search for information. The research we gather indicate that the statue we found is only one of two – the other being in the original Yellow King’s tabernacle. We also find a way to silence the statues, but it requires someone to dress in the robes and collect the power of the avatar of the Yellow King at a great loss (the person themself). In addition to this disturbing information, we also gain a few mystical spells… some of which may be to our detriment.

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