Welcome back one and all, to the single greatest comic book review column on the Vorpal Tales website………..Funky Thunderr’s #PullList! Sorry to say we’re late again due to another late shipment that is in no way completely Diamond’s fault at all (Editor’s note; or covid-19, but Diamond is…starts with a “B”…trash…).  Shipment is split into two this week so you’ll be reading this a couple days later than I’d like (all three of you — Editor’s Note, its five actually).  This week marks the beginning of DC’s brand spanking new event known as Future State where we peek into a possible future of the DC Multiverse, should be some exciting stuff.  I’m excited, are you excited? I know you gots to be excited.  So let’s get straight into it and talk some comics yo!

Dark Nights: Death Metal #7

Writer: Scott Snyder

Art: Greg Capullo

This marks the conclusion of this year’s super mega awesome event over at DC.  Wonder Woman and The Batman Who Laughs face off to decide the fate of the multiverse whilst all the heroes fight the evil dark versions of themselves below.  With the hands of creation closing in preparing to wipe the multiverse from existence Wonder Woman is given a choice, defeat the evil Batman Who Laughs and be wiped out or let him win and he will give all the heroes an eden to live in forever.  Wonder Woman of course wipes him out in such heroics that the beings of creation are moved by her heroics and restore the multiverse, removing all the previous crisises so that all stories are canon and everything is remembered in an infinite multiverse.  Really good conclusion to this event, this sets the stage for the DC Universe going forward which makes it for some exciting stuff.  Now onto the possible future of DC with Future State!

Future State: The Next Batman #1

Writer: John Ridley

Art: Nick Derington

The Future of Gotham is dark indeed.  The city is run by a mysterious figure known as The Magistrate and the city’s security force is under orders to shoot masks on sight.  There is a new Batman in town and he is in fact Lucius Fox’s other son Tim Fox.  Really good city level story here which are always the best Batman stories in my opinion.  I like everything that went on here and I really look forward to the rest of the 4 issue series.  Interesting to see some of the street gangs going on, one that looks like it’s modeled itself after Bane and some others using other villains made me think of Batman Beyond a lot which makes sense.  On top of the Batman story we had some good Outsiders action at the end of the double sized issue, so if you like characters like Katana, The  Signal and others there is more to come with them as well.  I personally always love the interactions of watching Katana talk to her sword and people thinking she’s just nuts. Two thumbs up, enjoyed it thoroughly.

Future State: Superman of Metropolis

Writer: Brandon Easton and Sean Lewis

Art: Valentine De Landro, Cully Hammer, John Timms and Michael Oeming

The future is here and Jonathan Kent is Superman. In an effort to save Metropolis from a new version of  Brainiac known as Brain Cells from his nanotechnology Jonathan Kent does the unthinkable and minituarizes Metropolis Kandor style!  Now this questionable rash decision is not appreciated by Kara aka Supergirl and they of course come to blows over it.  Did Superman go to far? Did Clark Kent trust his hot headed son maybe a little too much when he left Earth by entrusting him with it’s safety? Maybe, maybe not, sure will be interesting to see where this one leads us in the coming issues.  Also some good tie in stories with Mister Miracle and The Guardian at the end of the issue.  Story here was pretty good but visually this issue is absolutely gorgeous, as a lover of story and art I found myself just lost in the detail of some of these pages.  Really great stuff.

Future State: Wonder Woman

Writer: Joelle Jones

Art: Joelle Jones

Writer/Artist superstar Joelle Jones brings us the opening story of the universe’s new Wonder Woman, Yara Flor.  She appears to be a bit of a hothead and super powerful as she ventures down into the Underworld to confront Hades himself.  Shenanigans ensue, tempers flare, she steals money from a dead sumo wrestler to get on the ship and comes face to face with Cerberus himself. Yes that sentence was in fact awesome.  Really enjoyed the issue, probably my favorite of the Future State books. I really am digging the new Wonder Woman and I hope she sticks around post Future State.

Star Wars: The High Republic #1

Writer: Cavan  Scott

Art: Ario Anindito

This one I have been waiting to arrive for awhile.  With the release of the High Republic novel this week as well, it’s High Republic all the time for me!  Events of this comic seem to take place right after the events of the novel that I’m currently reading and I really enjoyed this.  With a jedi apprentice named Keeve Trennis getting a surprise Jedi trial set up through his visions in the force by her trandoshan one armed jedi master (yes that is as awesome as it sounds).  Thinking she messed up her trial by rushing off to save a city of locals, young Keeve is surprised when Jedi Master, and recently appointed Marshal of the Starlight Beacon (by Grandmaster Yoda no less), Avar Kriss appears to knight her as a Jedi Knight.  This book was awesome, I love Star Wars stories where they have a blank slate to work with and can go anywhere they want creatively. I really can’t wait to see where they go with it.

Star Wars #10 

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Jan Bazaldua

Ok I”m gonna rant here for a second.  The cover of this issue is really awesome and makes ya look forward to what is inside.  Luke Skywalker is all badass fighting stance wielding his brand new yellow lightsaber that he acquired recently, so one can be led to believe that we gonna get some cool lightsaber action.  Alas no, Luke is not even in the issue.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

That being said, a decent issue that does a good job of showing the duality of Lando Calrissian while on one side he’s all super helpful with his rebel friends but on another hand possibly selling them out to Jabba to save his own skin.  I know so unlike Lando, he would never do that ever.  *insert sarcastic voice here*. Oh and I think we’ve met Poe Dameron’s parents who are apparently in the Rebel Alliance — oh and his dad might shoot Lando.  Neat.

Amazing Spider-Man #56

Writer: Nick Spencer

Art: Mark Bagley

Tie up of the Last Remains issue sees Green Goblin and Kingpin having captured Kindred with the aid of Mary Jane Parker — I know that is a really weird sentence.  Kingpin is being all evil and mean, but strangely Gobby is actually trying to help his son because when Sin Eater pulled out his sin he now actually cares about his son.  So Harry is a demon, Norman is nice, and Sin Eater actually was eating sins ala like the evil sins from Shazam? Yeah i’m confused too.  But don’t worry the art is beautiful, the script has been compelling, and it’s Spider-man so it’s cool.  Sometimes comics just get weird — it’s totally cool.  I legit don’t know where they are going with this story at this point seems to be just getting a bit too mystical for my likes of a Spider-man story but we’ll see where the next curveball takes us. 

Guardians of the Galaxy #10
Writer: Al Ewing
Art: Juann Cabal

The King in Black’s evil symbiote dark void dragon thing is attacking Spartax and annihilating all it’s people and the Guardians are to the rescue! I mean they were trying to be to the rescue and getting their butts whipped and people everywhere were dying. But fear not true believers, for Peter Quill returned from his alternate dimension of living just in the nick of time. With his rockin beard and cool hippie hair he brings his now super powered element gun to bear on the dragon and blasts it into smithereens! He may have also said the line “Suns Out, Guns Out” whilst shooting the dragon with the power of the bloody sun. The Guardians want to take the fight to The King In Black back on Earth but Peter says they need to get as far away from people because the bloody Gods of Olympus are coming back and they will be coming straight for him. Really enjoyable issue here; this book has been really good from the get go. I’ve become a real big fan of Al Ewing’s writing and really enjoy any book Marvel throws him at.

Thor #11
Writer: Donny Cates
Art: Nic Klein

Thor is still trapped in the alternate dimension unable to get to his friends on Asgard or even to Earth with uber 3vil Donald Blake running amok. Blake is having dinner with an unknowing Jane Foster (and the way they kept focusing on the way psycho killer cuts his steak was a bit disturbing btw) Donald is off killing all the incarnations of Thor in some crazy Highlander type (he can be the only one) rampage but seemingly spares Jane when he finds out she was Thor. I don’t think he knows that she also the current Valkyrie but he’s off in search of Odin or so it would seem when he is confronted on the last page by the frog Thor himself Puddlegulp! This issue had very little Thor in it but that totally works for me. All the characters surrounding the Thor mythos have become really compelling in their own rights and the absolute horrible person Donald Blake has become has made for some really interesting reading.

Well that’s it for this week folks. I really enjoyed all the reading as there wasn’t a dull issue in the bunch.  The pick this week is a close call but I’m gonna have to go with Future State: Wonder Woman #1. I really enjoyed this issue and am thoroughly excited to see where they go with our new Wonder Woman coming face to face with Cerberus in the Underworld.  A close runner up mention has to go to Star Wars: The High Republic #1. Really looking forward to seeing where they go with all the novels and comics in the timeline.  So hopefully next week’s shipment is on time and I can get this out to you in a more timely manner. So until next time………..Stay Funky My Friends!

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