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Following character creation, the party awoke in a miasma filled alley, with their memory alluding them. A terrible beast slaughtering the party one by one before they awoke from their conjoined nightmare to the screams of a man being operated on by a sausage-fingered surgeon -whose operating space was not up to code.

Jean Louis the Seraph and Dr. Nackle had concocted a foolproof plan to escape, involving loin cloths, debris, and Dr. Nackle’s urine, combined to create a weapon to flick our captor with.
A brilliant plan, if not for the plan of Luca di Vestri and Vampire Lord Kazimir Vulpescu, involving picking our captor’s pockets for the key to our cells.

Once they were free, Lord Vulpescu attempted to defeat the dastardly doppelganger who held us hostage, only for them to escape down a cadaver-filled corridor, leaving their most recent patient bleeding out on the table. Dr. Nackle sprung into action, knowing he was a doctor but not knowing any medicine, and did whatever he could to save this –his patient, pumping the poor peasant full of aberrant blood and stabilizing his condition.

Afterwards, the four fiendish fellows found their weapons and armor, and began their search for their finer pieces of equipment.

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