The band of monsters decides they need to stock up on supplies before venturing into The Hedge. They get a whole bunch of snacks and other food stuffs as Cailleach warns the group that eating food in the Hedge is extremely dangerous as well saying thanks and saying your true name.

In addition Mac wants to arm the group with cold-forged iron so he, along with Ian, go on a quest to find some. First they go to the storage locker of a fellow Hunter who makes Mac own him a favor. They are able to get a claymore and battle axe. Ian and Mac then go antiquing and find some nails, horseshoes, and a tiny hammer. In the meantime, Donovan and Camilla go and get their hair did.

Cailleach then completes the ritual to create a door into The Hedge which involves the telling of a personal story. Everyone goes through, with Donovan being the last, telling Shouwei to guard the door, and be a good doggo. Upon entering The Hedge all members undergo a massive emotional response reliving a memory corresponding to that memory.

The group immediately comes across Lil’Shelley the goblin. A tiny little creature living in an apple. The goblin agrees to give Mac a shield in exchange for 50 (4) Slim Jims. Mac agrees and gets a literal tower shield that when he stands behind it causes fey to forget of his existence.

Cailleach leads the group as they attempt to outrun The Hedge as she attempts to guide them to Arcadia. The hedge strikes back though, and literally rips the shame from Camilla as she loses the ability to feel that emotion ever again.

We come across a great Parliment of owls and as Mac and Ian call out to them two alight on to their shoulders. Mac a boisterous and chonky Blakiston’s fish owl, and Ian a deep voiced elf owl. Donovan doesn’t want to feel left out and gets a mean, bully Great Horned owl, and Cailleach relents and gets a FAT barn owl. Camilla doesn;t get one, but her unborn baby seems to have gotten a raven… spooky-woo.

Our next encounter in The Hedge is a unicorn. Camilla tries to talk to and befriend it, but fails miserably and makes a deal with it, under threat of death. Camilla must bring the unicorn back to Earth… in unicorn form. Camilla agrees and the world is forever changed. The unicorn reveals its name to be Decimator, but on the plus side Camilla gets to ride him.

Finally our band of monsters come across some cultists who threaten to “speed them on their journey”. They are quickly dispatched, but not before their “leader” casts a spell to transport them directly to Arcadia; separated.

And so ends Chapter 1!

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