Joshua is carried off out of our sight into the fog by the leather-winged demon, and we hear a deep scream which is cut off with a tearing sound followed by a sound like a bucket of water filled with mud chunks hitting the ground after afterwards. The screams cease. In great angst, our group has an argument over whether or not to pursue Joshua, and decides that it was likely his body that was torn asunder due to the screams and sloshing splash. A leathery flying beast (either the same as before, or a new one we’re unsure) demolishes the van and we take off towards the west of the island. Genevieve, to the best of her ability, guides us and we avoid running into various Demimonde creatures. Fortunately, the demimonde returns us to “normal” fog world when we stop to take a break. Unfortunately, we get lost in the woods. Thankfully, Dr. Safir-Farrouk finds that she happened to grab her compass and put it in her purse, which helps immensely in finding their way.

Miles later as we approach the bog, a hideous thing creeps into view towards our party. Genevieve notices a beast that looks like a hideous skinned humanoid crawling around on all fours which Aubery warns her is not, in fact, a puppy. With a large splash, Barnabas finds himself under water in this swamp, both Leila and Aubrey crawl over to help pull him free. While they’re occupied, the fleshy beast takes the opportunity to attack Genevieve. A fight ensues, and after taking numerous blows the thing runs off into the woods. We find we’re on the edge of the dig site when Leila nearly falls into the excavation.

Within the dig site, there’s a strange church wherein we find strange symbols that have been eroded by time and lack of preservation and iconography of people genuflecting before a strange angel. Exploring further, we discover a hideously ancient, loathsome statue of gargantuan size that drives our entire group into near-madness. Some into complete madness. Combating the urge to stay and the yearning to unearth the statue of a strange god that Genevieve begins to call Saint Michael, we then find that the crown and scepter we have heard of once before where kept in this evil church also, but are now gone, leaving only their empty storage case behind. Deep down, we all realize that these items are the key to our escape from the Demimonde-plagued island and head off in pursuit of the dastardly objects, our madness giving us the knowledge that the relics are still somewhere on the island. As we head off into the fog once again, the madness of the statue seeps deeper into each of us, unlocking eldritch powers buried deep within our psyches…

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