Previously, our runners met with and agreed to steal a shipment of weapons set to be delivered to the NCPD in two days’ time. Ms Rain, their fixer, explained that a wealthy patron spent a tremendous amount of money on the purchase and donation of some rather high end weaponry for the department. In return, they were honoring the generous donation by throwing a gala event at city hall with the intent of putting their new toys on display.

The weapons were being held in a container on a private lot located on the docking wharfs of Night City. Along with the details of the container, Rain provided intel on the security personnel and the drones they operate on site. The police wouldn’t be a problem, she said, explaining that her client had a support team in place to deal with just a complication. As long as the team communicated their plan in advance, Rain’s client would be able to deal with any consequences resulting from the heist.

As for pay, Rain said they had already been paid an advance into their accounts prior to accepting the job. The rest of the payment was to be provided from the heist itself; meaning each member of the team could lay claim to any piece of hardware they wanted. The weapons themselves were top of the line Militec brand, were smart-linked and were worth a small fortune, Rain elaborated.

After accepting the job, Rift received a package from Rain that contained a single mimetic polycarbon suit and six throat microphones for the team to stay in constant contact with one another.

Nomad reached out to the Vorpal family and requisitioned a large boat and a mini-sub that would connect to the bottom of the craft. The plan would be for Rift to forge digital documents that would allow the ship to dock and unload/load cargo. Once they had eyes on the container, they could pull off a switcheroo. In place of the guns, Nomad secured an entire shipment of rubber duckies.

Tera cleared out a space from the recently vacated Foundry in the Combat Zone, making preparations for the heist. With Rift’s help, he was able to fashion a large scrambler that would effectively scramble the video frequencies of the drones nearby at the appointed time. The scrambler, he noted, would only be useful for a few minutes and then the drones onside would resume their surveilling and uploading of footage.

Cyanide declined a request by her manager Andre to meet face to face for an important biz meeting, opting instead to help her team plan this heist. Cyanide reached out to her fans and generated buzz about an impromptu concert to be held just outside the walls of the warehouse lot. She and Candy took a cab to the recently ransacked clinic to allow the medtech the chance to resupply and pack up what she could.

Candy put in a call to the location and managed to sway the young receptionist who answered the phone to confirm that the container they were looking to steal was still on the lot. During the drive back, she noticed that their cab was being followed by a dark SUV with corp types driving inside. She took the opportunity to cleverly snap several selfies with Cyanide, capturing some details from their pursuers. In addition to this, she also caught sight of a humanoid form leaping from one rooftop to another overhead, a faint red light trailing behind them before disappearing into thin air.

Seeing that they were being followed, Cyanide had the cabbie drive the pair to the Pandora nightclub. Inside, they disappeared into a crowd for a few moments. Soon they were approached by their pursuers; Andre and his security entourage. Begrudgingly, Cyanide left Candy at the bar to speak with her manager and her security captain.

They provided Cyanide with Jazz’s rap sheet from Interpol, listing the fixer as a known con artist. Cyanide lied and said that she didn’t believe anything the woman said. The security captain also provided photo and video evidence of the recent abduction attempt on her, revealing that the Maas Biolabs text she thought she saw on the vehicles wasn’t there at all. Worried that she may have been drugged or her cybernetics affected somehow, Andre explained that they needed to follow her and ensure her safety.

On the evening of the heist, Cyanide met with fans outside the warehouse lot and proceeded to give an unorthodox performance on the sidewalk, complete with fireworks that ended up distracting the Estrella security guards both inside and outside the site. Realizing that this was the same security firm that had employed her recently deceased partner and co-host from the CURS episode she filmed, Cyrus Jones, Cyanide implored her fans to give generously to fund support for Jones’ family. This act of genuine generosity didn’t escape one of the two guards who approached the mob. Cyanide used her star power to convince one of them to allow the mob to continue playing their concert so long as they kept 10 feet from the gate.

The team departed the Queso Blanco vessel at different times. Nomad spoke with and bribed two guards to look the other way while they worked. Vector chatted up another guard about their weapons and training, waiting for an opening. Candy adopted a rubber duckie and began calling it Cyrus while she walked back and forth chatting with the inanimate object. Tera boarded one of the large mechanized cranes and began operating it as the scrambler was switched on, scrambling the drone’s video feeds.

Vector “accidentally” shoulder threw the guard over the guard rail and into the cold waters during their “practice session”. Whoops.

Almost immediately, the crane stopped four minutes into the unloading/loading procedure. The resident netrunner had become aware of something being off the moment the drones’ feeds stopped coming in, shortly after the arrival of this lone vessel. Nomad used his rapport with the guard to put the netrunner on the line. Unable to convince the netrunner to restore autonomy of the crane to Tera, he sent Candy to speak with the netrunner personally and get things moving before the scrambler’s use would be gone.

Tera managed to convince the local guards that the drones were being affected by all the fireworks that were going off, causing many of them to break up the concert and send the crowd running down the street, firing warning shots into the air above their heads. Cyanide guided her fans to a local dive bar.

Rift went into work, disappearing entirely after donning the mimetic suit. Locating the admin office, he easily picked the lock on the outside door and hid under an abandoned conference room table before locating the access point for the net architecture and diving in.

Vector and Candy made their way to the warehouse opposite the admin office. After failing to convince them to open the door, Vector attempted to intimidate the netrunner into doing so instead. In response, the door crashed open as a large dog drone leapt out and attacked the duo.

Cracking two sets of passwords that appeared as large bank vaults, Rift slid past the black ice on the system and the imp demon controlling the drones outside. He focused instead on the netrunner himself, waiting at the bottom of the architecture. Rising from the floor, Rift witnessed their 3D avatar wield and large glowing warhammer.

“Peek a boo, I see you too,” the netrunner teased before swinging their fiery hammer at Rift’s face.

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