Session 0- Dracogenesis: Titan’s Lament- Character Creation and Mad Libs

The best tankard I ever created for Dungeons and Pencils was Patty Fellder-Panic, whose alignment was chaotic ruthless. Patty was a friend to all knives and had a short dungeon but a big butt-cheek. She came from a village named Dromedary-Dell, loved to eat raw kumquat, and was a local hero who saved porcupines from raiding hordes of sentient cannibi. One time, a warlock kidnapped her while she was on a mission to save the town taffy puller. Fortunately, she prettily escaped thanks to Phlogiston, her trusty panda with a thick mane. Of course, being able to control magma with her mind made her daring escape that much easier!

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