Welcome back everyone to the absolute last of Funky Thunderr’s Pull List for 2020 (Editor’s Note: f*#k 2020, amiright?!).  But fear not my fine and not so feathered friends there will be plenty more of these to come in 2021.  The holidays be messing up delivery schedules for comics so these may be a couple days late in the weeks to come but we shall endeavor to get them out to you as soon as possible.  And now without any more distractions we shall give your our reviews of all of our reading this week in no order of any kind other than what suits me.

Endless Winter: Justice League Special #2

Writers: Ron  Marz and Andy Lanning

Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico & Howard Porter

We come to the finale of the mega crossover event Endless Winter.  The Justice League has finally tracked down the Frost King and are off to end this global threat once and for all.  At first it would appear like they would team up with the nefarious Black Adam but that of course ends up with Black Adam and Superman fighting in the middle of a boss fight.  In the end the Justice League saves the day, saves the Frost King from a horrible fate and even restores some of his humanity in the process.  Interested to see how this leads to Black Adam joining the Justice League soon because they certainly did not seem on the best of terms at the end of the event.  All in all I would call Endless Winter a positive as a whole.  Not the most compelling read throughout and really not all that necessary of a storyline but it ended really well in true solid JLA fashion.

Batman Annual #5

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: James Stokoe

In the  latest issue of the annuals that seem to come out more than once a year we get an in depth origin of the new character Clownhunter.  He is exactly as his name sounds, he kills the clowns of Gotham City.  I have always been intrigued by the normal people of Gotham City and how all the craziness can affect their lives.  The grounding effect that Dr. Tompkins can have on any issue is very apparent here as she tries to reach out to the teenager and help him through a time where he is thoroughly lost mentally and emotionally.  Really enjoyed this issue, a lot of “annuals” are just throwaway stories but I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Ever since Tynion has taken over Batman from Tom King I have loved every issue he as come out with and can never wait for the next one. 

X-Men #16

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Phil Noto

So before we discuss anything else can I just state I bloody love Phil Noto art?  Met the man years ago at a comic shop I frequented in Florida and was blown  away by his art and any time I see his name on a comic I know it’s going to be gorgeous.  Ok now that I got the gushing out of the way, we finally have a post X of Swords X-Men comic.  They are attempting to join the two islands, Krakoa and Arakko back together again to form their original super island Okkara.  Are you confused? Don’t worry, I read every issue and i’m still confused.  Maybe a bit less confused but confused nonetheless.  All were hoping the 2 islands would join together but apparently the islands don’t like each other anymore so they ain’t having none of it which of course has all the X-Men baffled.  Not to mention how they will coexist with the other island of mutants from the war-torn other dimension.  But don’t worry kids, Jean and Scott are making the  X-Men heroes again and the mutants of Krakoa get to vote on who is on the team.  Should be interesting.  Good, solid read setting a foundation for what is to come.  Sometimes I feel like Hickman’s writing can be a bit too in depth and complex sometimes but everything was easy to follow here so all good on  my end.

Amazing Spider-Man #55

Writer: Nick Spencer

Art: Patrick Gleason

Last Remains Part 6 brings us to an uber evil harry monologuing to Peter whilst the entire Spider family is tied up and unconscious.  Peter is defeated in every way so who could possibly come to the rescue but MJ and Green Goblin of course! What nefarious plot to Gobby and Kingpin have up their sleeve to take down Kindred and in what way could it possibly end well for our friendly neighborhood Spiderman?  Really solid issue leading into the finale next week, I’ve really enjoyed this entire story arc and everything that led up to it.  I”m sure it’ll be collected all in one super edition down the road and I would suggest giving it a look see, you won’t regret it.

Avengers #40

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Javier Garron

“Enter the Phoenix” Part 1 has finally arrived.  The long anticipated Avengers arc that brings the Phoenix Force back into the fold is upon us and it opens with……..what? Phoenix powered Dr. Doom fighting Phoenix powered Captain America? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Would seem the Phoenix wants a new host and to prove themselves worthy the heroes and or villains must win a crazy round robin tournament to become The Fire Bird Death Machine that it is.  Interesting concept and of course we have a Wolverine appearance cuz how could you have a Phoenix story without our favorite canucklehead getting involved.  They have history ya know.

Wolverine #8

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Adam Kubert

I know what you all are thinking.  God if only they’d put Wolverine back in a white tux and an eyepatch again. Man, those were the days.  Well fear not true believers, ask and ye shall receive as Wolverine dons his old Patch persona in an effort to blend in with the dark underground to fish out his old Team X pal, Maverick.  Nice prologue in this issue with Logan and his new CIA buddy swapping old war stories while sharing a cold one or two with each other.  I’ve really enjoyed Percy’s run on Wolverine thus far and you don’t get much better than a Kubert on art so very solid read.  

Well that brings us to the end ladies and gentlemen of another fine week of comics and all things awesome.  Enjoyable light week of reading this time which is nice had some big ones lately.  This week’s pick of the week will be DC Comics Batman Annual #5.  I really enjoyed everything about this comic, from the stylized art to the in depth look into the past of the Clownhunter.  I assumed that kid would just be around for an arc or two then vanish but maybe with putting this much into it we can expect to see more.  Maybe get him to team up with Red Hood or something, I’m willing to bet they’d become fast clown hating friends.  Hope everyone has a happy new year and got to spend it with those that are the most important to you.  

So until  next time, Keep it Funky My Friends!

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