Our monsters began their session with some out of game knowledge dumping. After contacting the previous owner of “The Top Shelf” the group has become members of a new group called “The Pythians of Dacia”. The new vector the team gained was described to them and how it could be used.

The team then went over their old vectors from their old groups and how they can be used.

The team then went over the Motley Contract they all signed and agreed to that Cailleach binded them to and the powers it granted.

The dog was officially named Shouwei meaning “guard” in Chinese and was described as a Foo Dog and told to be sentient, vastly intelligent, and listens to the group, but Donovan most of all.

We all described what our concoctions looked like that we made for our Pythian Alchemy. Donovan’s being a 15 year McCallan on the rocks with the rocks being made from Pacific Ocean water

The rest of the group filled Donovan/Patrick in on what he missed.

We did a quick check and found out that everyone in the group has been infected with the Contagion.

Jennifer and Cailleach reveal their “relationship” to the group and Jennifer takes some blood to her group for them to research it as Cailleach is immune to the Contagion.

The group does some research on Ny’Rakath and comes up with bupkis, and decide the best way to find out about a god is to find out about their worshippers/cultists. We debate between going after “Smiley” the Cont-angel to capture it and learn its secrets, or jailbreaking Rhys, the patient zero of this Contagion. The group decides on Mission: Over the Hedge and Cailleach lines up everyone to make a deal with Titania to protect them from Hedgehunters (The Wild Hunt) and Arcadia.

Donovan agrees to give some knowledge on lair travel, Ian agrees to cast more fire, Camilla agrees to have her covers be more “fiery”, and Mac agrees to nothing, the group will need to find him some protection as they travel to the Hedge.

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