Previously, we went over everyone’s characters and talked at length about what motivated them and which other character in the group they felt there was a connection with. We then proceeded to find out where everyone’s characters were four weeks after the events that took place at the Horizon ILS.

Tera was out collecting and scavenging at a large dump in the Combat Zone when he heard explosions and gunfire erupting just over one of the nearby landfill mounds. Outside an old manufactory lay dozens of corpses, destroyed drones and cars that were set ablaze. As Tera made his way inside collecting agents, parts and salvageable weapons, he noticed a sturdy briefcase in the hands of the now dead proprietor of the manufactory. The suitcase itself was made of a particular composite that wouldn’t allow for x-rays to penetrate its exterior. To make things more mysterious, Tera discovered a biometric reader attached to the case. Using the corpse’s hand resulted in a negative. Upon further inspection he found that the bio reader wasn’t checking to see if a person authorized was dead or alive, but whether the right person was attempting to open the case. The drone operator’s DNA was not what was required to open the case.

Nomad sped through the desert badlands outside Night City with the salvaged AI from Jehovah, now called J, assisting with navigation and communication tasks. Assigned by the Vorpal Family to recover some stolen supplies by the boostergangers known as The Bozos, Nomad single handedly drove around their encampment, flipped them off and led the cyber clowns on a dusty chase through the hills while his Family allies recovered the supplies from the camp. One Bozo was torched by the rear flamethrower and another who attempted to cut into the driver side was slammed against a withered desert tree and crushed to death. Stopping at a sudden drop into a crevasse, Nomad called on his Family to proceed with the ambush and charged the waiting line of Bozos. A few hours later, he made sure to wash the Bozo blood off his windshield and front grill with bleach.

Vector practiced their katas indoors on an unusually cold day in Night City where the soot and chemically tainted skies produced black colored snow. A knock at their door revealed an old student and orphan taken into Vector’s parent’s dojo in the Combat Zone. Shogo Hamato, now in his 40s and a professional mercenary like Vector, was greeted through the apartment door. When asked what their business was there, Shogo replied that their sensei, Hayashibara, was dead. Murdered, with the dojo set ablaze. Vector remembered the older outcast who had been taken in by their parents. The old man had later taken over duties at the dojo after Vector’s parents had been gunned down. As a professional courtesy, Shogo explained, he wanted to alert Vector that trouble could be brewing against them by the same forces that murdered their sensei. Holding Hayashibara’s blade in his hands, Shogo placed the sword at the doorway and suggested that Vector get help if they planned on going back to the Combat Zone to check the dojo or look into Hayashibara’s murder.

Rift returned to The Irrational’s Night City chapter headquarters after successfully eliminating a target for the revolutionary group. Informed that Annalisa, the chapter’s leader, wanted to see him personally after the mission, the netrunner waited outside the massive double doors leading into the planning chamber. Annalisa, he was told, was busy chewing out a new recruit for not being able to meet the minimum as a revolutionary. After the recruit walked out sweating, Rift was sent in. Annalisa praised Rift for a job well done in addition to bringing in a “fascinating” amount of information he managed to record and upload to them using his cybernetics. She remarked that the AI’s struggle could be used by the movement. When asked if the runners Rift had recently made connections with could be of use as well, Rift assured her that he could begin working on using those connections to better their cause.

Specifically, Annalisa remarked how much the movement needed more boots on the ground and better armaments. “Necessitamos armas!” she exclaimed, gesturing at the older, non-smartlinked weapons around them. The chapter leader teased that she had an eye on a large shipment of advanced weapons that would suit them better than the originally intended recipients.

“Make it happen,” she said. “Don’t let me down.”

Cyanide, back to work at Zeget corporation, had her guard doubled after the attempt from Maas Biolabs to abduct her failed. Her manager, Andre, assured her better digs were coming soon. This was mainly due to the CURS episode with her and Cyrus Jones having garnered incredible amounts of popularity on the data pools. It had been a few weeks since she was contacted by Anonymous_User56757sdjuw about beginning work on a job. Since then there was radio silence. Since then, however, she had been contacted by someone calling themselves Ms Rain. Rain apparently knew Cyanide and the types of circles she worked within well enough to establish a meeting place and time.

Seeing an opportunity, she reached out to each of the runners she had recently befriended.

Candy managed to catch the CURS episode that featured the late Cyrus Jones and she noticed that the footage had been scrubbed of any meaningful dialogue from Enrique Haas during or after his arrest. No mention of AI rights, etc. Preparing to go out for a walk, she spoke with some of the boostergangers on her block. Candy had historically provided pharmaceutical drugs to these gangers and in return they would keep her clinic from being robbed or damaged. Using some of her money to secure a place to stay and some better clothes, Candy hailed an autocab and was refused due to a lack of funds. When she checked her agent, she noticed several missed messages from her bank. Something about a “security issue” with her account. When checking the balance, she thought she was looking at a glitch, being that her account was filled with millions of euros–none of them accessible.

Unable to make any outgoing calls, Candy began to backpedal the moment a Chase America representative called out her name in the alleys in between the tenement buildings on her block. When she looked back, she witnessed another rep armed with a stun baton approaching. When the first attempted to grab Candy, there was a blur of movement before one rep had lost their arm and the other nearly lost their head. Candy witnessed something with optical shielding and a hazy red light crawl up the wall of the nearest building and observe her.

Receiving a call from Cyanide on her agent, Candy desperately answered and asked for help.

The team met up at Large Marge’s Donut Barn and discussed their individual concerns before deciding to focus on the new job Cyanide brought them through her contact with Ms Rain.

Tera, meanwhile, saw nothing technically wrong with Candy’s agent but proceeded to replace it with another. Rift attempted to sway Tera privately to join the Irrationals with him in order to get past debts wiped out. Tera replied that he didn’t want to put himself in debt to anyone else, regardless of whether it was a corp or some revolutionary group like the Irrationals.

Nomad called around and discovered through his contacts that Rain was a relatively small time fixer in Night City, but had a solid rep on the streets.

Cyanide contacted Rain and arranged a meet at an industrial zone at the core of Night City.

Before they could make the meeting, however, our runners dropped by Candy’s clinic and found it to have been ransacked, her booster gang allies lying dead in the street–shot to death. Hearing noises coming from the inside, the team investigated and found three braindance junkies looking to score some pharma drugs to stimulate their minds. Thinking Candy dead and the business shut down, they killed the power and moved in to scavenge what they could.

Candy reprimanded the trio while Vector interrogated one of the three successfully, leading them to confess that they hadn’t done anything but scavenge after the “corpo suits ransacked everything.”

Tera was called in from outside and successfully managed to rewire the clinic so that it syphoned electricity from the nearby tenement buildings. Rift then rewound the tapes to reveal a group of augmented suits breaking through the front door, ransacking through the interior of the clinic. The footage showed the boostergangers arrived outside shortly after the break-in and the resulting gunbattle that followed. The suits easily dispatched the gangers. Unable to find Candy, the corpos seized any and all hard drives and drove off.

Getting an uneasy feeling like they were being watched, Nomad convinced everyone to get back in the Firebird and leave the area.

Arriving just on time at the industrial area, the team met with Ms Rain, who smiled and remarked:

“Let’s talk about guns…”

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