Still situated at the diner, we contemplate why the location is a safe space from the demimonde. We hear sound of a horse and carriage as the fog creeps in, and Genevieve, Joshua, and Leila step outside. The diner disappears behind them as do their friends Aubrey and Barnabas. Aubrey and Barnabas attempt to find a way to contact the three outside of the diner but to no avail. In her best efforts, Aubrey tries to get the waitress to notice the fog and curiosities outside but instead is kicked out by the line cook, so both Aubrey and Barnabas leave to find that the outside has returned to modern times once more with the three that had been lost outside reappeared. The wind blows gently and rolls a playbill like a tumbleweed into Audrey’s leg.

“The King in Yellow: A new play coming soon to your local Manitou island theater! A heartbreaking drama of a family torn apart by mental illness, the doctor who lied to help them, and the horrific consequences of one night, gone too far, and the consequences of that one night’s actions, when fragile minds, made to forget, begin to remember the truth…


  • Genevieve as the child who let her friend die, and who became convinced she was possessed by the devil, due to her guilt.
  • Aubrey as the mother of Genevieve, who will go too far to free her daughter from corruption. Plagued with the guilt of a murder she never committed for years to come.
  • Barnabas as the father who, already overtaxed caring for his mentally broken wife Aubery after the death of their daughter, has his own mind break upon learning of his wife’s heinous crime. In his broken state, he murders his wife…
  • Leila Safir-Farrouk as the child and mother’s doctor, who has spirited away the child after convincing the parents of her death. What devilish experiments did she perform upon the child, with her unwilling but complicit assistant, played by Joshua?

Come watch what happens as the fog of memory lifts as the Manitou Island Theatric Society brings you: THE KING IN YELLOW

Sundays at 9pm EST…..

At reading the playbill, our memories become as hazy as the fog, and we lose track of which recollections are real and which aren’t. The trust in the party that had been built up so urgently now falls to pieces like a shattered window pane. We head back to the rectory and come across a blood spatter on the road with a knocked off shoe we recognize as the priest’s. Aubrey, Genevieve and Joshua venture into the woods to follow the blood trail to make sure the Monseigneur was alive. He in fact was not, found crucified in the forest for crimes trespassed decreed by the Yellow King.

A cop comes across our parked van and enters the woods to find out what happened with the three – only to find the horror of the murdered Monseigneur and Aubrey, Genevieve and Joshua at the scene of the crime. He directs the three to return to the van and he calls for backup, which is strange because he’s the only officer there during the off-season. A shot rings out and the officer is dead from the hit from an unknown location. Joshua drives us away, but the van gets into a wreck from the wheel being shot and the repeated rolling of the vehicle knocks us all out. Hearing no sound, it’s understood that we’ve returned to the demimonde. Over some time we regain consciousness, escaping the jammed seat belts in haste to escape the leaking gas and running engine.

The doors crushed shut, Leila thinks quickly and using the butt of her gun she smacks the most useful point of spiderweb-cracks in the windshield to break open a way to escape. She grabs a blanket out of the back of the van to cover most of the broken glass, so we aren’t cut too badly. Once we’re all safely out of the van Aubrey tackles Joshua into the broken glass in an explosion of anger because of Joshua’s recklessness. Aubrey ends up knocking the captain out.

Trying to figure out how to deal with this stint of the demimonde, the options are to stay put or to attempt to make a revelation in case it causes the fog to recede. Genevieve, “Jenny”, speaks to Aubrey saying “Mommy, you did so good beating up that guy…” Though as she speaks, her voice drops two octaves, and her eyes change to an unnatural color. We hear the beating of leathery wings and the unconscious Joshua is yanked into the sky by the beasts from the first encounter we experienced on this godforsaken islan

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