Welcome back all you fine and feathered fantabulous funkadaktyls. You have somehow found yourself back at the wonderful home of all things comic awesomeness, Funky Thunderr’s Pull List!  We come to you this wonderful holiday season as the specific holiday approaches and our comic delivery is broken up into 2 separate shipments which will make us a couple days late but it’s all good in the hood and whatnot so let’s get right to the shindig.

Action Comics #1028

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Art: John Romita Jr.

So this  marks the end of Bendis’ run on Action Comics as well after last week’s finale with Superman and just like Superman it did not fail to impress.  The end of the 7 part House of Kent storyline brought us some interesting twists revealing that Jimmy Olsen is actually filthy rich getting half of the Luthor family fortune and uses it to buy the Daily Planet.  We also find out that Connor Kent in the future could lose his powers due to his being a half human clone but the touching part of the whole issue was all the Kents welcoming into the family and Superman referring to him as his brother, really pulled at the ole heartstrings.  All in all Bendis’ run on Superman and Action Comics has been nothing short of spectacular and just give him all the awards now.

Justice League Dark #29

Writers: Andy Lanning & Ron Marz

Art: Amancay Nahuelpan

Endless Winter Part 7 brings us to a title I’d be getting anyway (yay no extra money!) Hippolyta, Black Adam and Viking Knight fight The Frost King in the distant past and we see The Viking Knight’s noble sacrifice to end the threat. Pretty average issue until Wonder Woman returns with an empty husk of Swamp Thing so Viking Knight’s spirit can fight once more. Now that is hella awesome, Swamp Thing with an axe!

Endless Winter: Black Adam Special #1

Writers: Ron Marz & Andy Lanning

Art: Brandon Peterson

Part 8 of the Endless Winter crossover event brings everyone’s favorite dark Marvel family member to the forefront.  In the past Black Adam and Hippolyta deal with the aftermath of their great battle in the future Black Adam tries using his metahuman refugees to overwhelm the Frost King to no avail. But fear not good reader, The Justice League arrive on the last page for the big showdown in the finale next week.  Very underwhelming story thus far, kinda look forward to it being over. Its not bad, it’s just kinda there.

Detective Comics #1033

Writer: Peter J. Tomasz

Art: Brad Walker

Batman and Damian are reunited in an effort to save the family from Hush.  I know, he even got Nightwing I don’t like it either.  The duo of Batman and former Robin take down the villain quite viciously but when Batman extends an olive branch to his son he leaves his father on the rooftop.  Really good stuff here showcasing the strained father/son relationship and revealing that Damian blames himself for Alfred’s death.  I like this version of Damian way better than his time as Robin.  I always felt that he was playing against character trying to follow his father’s rules and tactics.  I am thoroughly interested in seeing where they take the character in the coming months.

King Size Conan #1

Writers: Roy Thomas, Kurt Busiek, Chris Claremont, Kevin Eastman, Steven DeKnight

Art: Steve McNiven, Pete Woods, Roberto de La Torre, Kevin Eastman, Jesus Saiz

Welcome to a celebration of everyone’s favorite Cimmerian turning 50 years old! God they grow up so fast don’t they?  Super sized issue with 5 short stories done by a who’s who of comic book creators.  Really enjoyed this with different art styles and different takes on different eras of Conan’s storied history.  I have thoroughly enjoyed pretty much everything Marvel has done Conan related since they got the rights back to him.  It’s a bit pricey with a 6.99 price tag but totally worth it in my opinion, go check it out.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #8

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Art: Paolo Villanelli

Pretty decent set up for the upcoming story arc here, Valance is out trying to make some creds whilst staying on the run from bounty hunters.  After fighting off an inevitable betrayal by a “friend” at a cantina he finds himself helping out the rebel alliance as an old favor is called in and finds himself a bit over his head as he comes under fire from Dengar and the new head of the Hando Ohnaka pirate game (Clone Wars reference here, gotta love it!.)  Enjoyable issue but no omg moments to speak of which I’ve come to expect from these Star Wars books as of late so we’ll see where it goes.

Amazing Spider-man #54.LR

Writers: Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg

Art: Federico Vicentini and Takeshi Miyazawa

Another “Last Rites” tie in bonus issue for ya folks! As we lead into the epic conclusion of Last Rites in issue 55 this bonus issue does a great job of tying up some loose ends in the story as well as a really cool flashback done in old school 70’s style Spider-man art showing the relationship between Harry and MJ.  The Spider-family is fighting off Sin Eater whilst Spider-man is locked in with Kindred and little did we expect Norman Osborn has a card to play at the end, tricking MJ into trying to help save Peter and stop Harry.  Last page reveals all along Norman has been playing everyone as he sets everything up with our old pal Kingpin and they aim to take down Kindred once and for all.  Should be an awesome conclusion!

All in all a pretty solid week of comics, thoroughly enjoyable with some of the highlights being Conan and Action Comics.  Our pick of the week this week will come from good ole Marvel with King Size Conan #1 one shot special!  Really enjoyed this oversized issue with all the different Conan stories where they don’t necessarily have to worry about current continuity and just tell a good Conan story.  Especially loved the story written and drawn by Kevin Eastman of TMNT fame in that old school Ninja Turtles comics style — absolutely loved it.  Next week is a light week of releases but here’s hoping we got plenty of quality over quantity, so until next time Stay Funky My Friends!

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