In the final chapter of our Holiday Tale, the Crew found themselves at the center of a debate of legitimacy. With Cuervo positioned to become the next Luminary, they brought evidence to the gathered townspeople and the other six Luminaries that Cuervo might not be everything that he seemed to be. Presenting evidence of treason, larceny, and kidnapping, Cuervo pointed out that all evidence brought against him was circumstantial. Be that as it may, the town and Luminaries had grown tired of Cuervo’s endless politicking, and with the Footwing Matron seeming to leaning heavily on the presented evidence as being true, the Luminaries ered on caution, and turned down the vote on Cuervo, sealing his fate.

This angered a particular voice in the crowd, who spewed curses and obcensities. The crowd parted to show a hooded figure. Throwing back their cowl revealed a flaming cat’s skull wreathed in eerie green flame, with yellow glowing eyes in the bare sockets. The Crew immediately recognized this as an Unseen possessed Gunshad — the infamous cousin of the Duchess. Gunshad held up a bauble — a snowglobe that held within a yule tree. Chasing him down to the docks, a great kraken rose out of the seas and proceeded to smash the port. More so, Gunshad tossed the snow globe pendant down the Kraken’s gullet, upon which dove Captain Sir Renaldi right after it. The crew at the behest of Co-Supervising-Captain Queso fired their cannons and other weapons, luring the beast out to sea.

Sir Renaldi struggled against the acidic throat of the beast, but was able to snatch the bauble from its throat and climb out within an inch of his life. The Crew had harrowed the Kraken as both it and the Hawkbat circled the drain of a great whirlpool created by the beast. With Renaldi back aboard, Queso relinquished the wheel to him, navigating the ship free from the whirlpool as the final cannonball removed the life from the Kraken.

The citizens of Waterdog Port cheered the Crew as they limped back into port. With celebration and awards concluded, and a good repair, the Hawkbat was guided back to Pawesome Junction, there the yule tree was presented to Sir Walter Wags and Lady Duchess Poppins. Placing the snow globe in the town square, and with a little holiday magic, the yule tree was restore to all its glory and the festivities of Yule-Tyde could begin.

However, out from the bay rose a giant cheese monster, and the dreaded Cheese Wizard!

With their quick wit, Samira ordered the town to find every chip, piece of bread, and veggie and start digging into the cheese monster. The town was thus saved again. The Duchess offered the crew positions of power within the newly formed nation; Samire becoming Pawesome Junction’s head tracker; Ham Burger Husky becoming a personal bodyguard of the Duchess; Damascus becoming the house chef; and finally, Sir Renaldi was titled Commodore and head of Pawesome Juction’s fleets. Thus Yule-Tyme in Pawesome Junction was saved.

On Yule-Tyme morn, notes were left by Queso for all the crew, thanking them as sort of one of the best crews she has supervised. Furthermore, in her note to Renaldi, she noted that she would be taking the Hawkbat into her care, renaming it the Cockatrice, and sailing it with Beaver the Healer, Citrus Swabby of the Decks, and Gaspar the Skewered as its crew. This seemed prudent as surely Renaldi would not have time to take care of the ship given his new duties as commodore. Thusly, Renaldi listed the Dread Pirate Queso Blanco del Diablo el Terrible as an enemy of the state, and to be arrested on sight should she ever return to Pawesome Junction. Will the Dread Pirate outsmart the great Commodore Sir Renaldi?! Only time will tell. Regardless, Yule-tyme was saved.

Thus ends our holiday tale. A merry yule-tyme to all, and to all a wonderfully awesome night.

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