Welcome my friends to your weekly comic book review by your favorite comic obsessed adult, Funky Thunderr. This week is extremely stacked with tons and tons of things to read so let’s get right into the reviews and make sure you stick around till the end for my pick of the week!

Superman #28

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Art: Ivan Reis

This issue marks the end of Brian Michael Bendis’ absolutely stellar run on Superman.  This finale was everything it had to be and somehow even more.  The interwoven tales of Superman saving an entire civilization from itself, his personal relationships with his wife Lois and childhood friend Lana and how just as much as the world needs Superman, he needs them just as much.  Bendis has made this one of my favorites every month and he deserves to be commended for reminding all of us as to why Superman is the best superhero of them all and why when well written his book can be the absolute best thing you can read.

Power Rangers #2
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Art: Francesco Mortarino

The Omega Rangers head out into deep space with uber space criminal Lord Drakkon in tow as a guide. Zordon isn’t too pleased but damnit they got a galaxy to save! What should they run into in deep space? Yeah you guessed it………Space Vampires! They feed on life essences and have taken Drakkon as a somewhat willing captor to give them worlds to feed upon. Totally unexpected turn of events but I dig it, totally in Power Rangers style.

Nightwing #77

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Art: Ronan Cliquet

Some refer Nightwing as the bright spot in the Batman mythos, but with all that’s happened to ole Dickk Grayson of late maybe Christmastime is best spent in quiet relection.  Nah, not Nightwing, after investigating a hacker ransom Nightwing pulls the right move when he discovers the culprits are just a homeless family trying to  make ends meet after being laid off by money hungry corporate sleemos.  Nightwing chooses to not take them to jail and instead sets them up with a new job and a fresh place to live with his contacts at Wayne Enterprises.  Good Christmas feel good issue that I feel we could all use in our lives these days.

Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #2

Writers: Vita Ayala, Saladin Ahmed and Chris Claremont

Art: Greg Land, Kev Walker, and Salvador Larocca

Do you love unadulterated action and  blood? Do you love Wolverine? Then this is the book for you.  3 short stories contained within with the first one being a good old fashioned Wolverine vs. Sabretooth battle with everything we’ve come to expect from these feral mutants.  The art of the black and white book with only blood getting color is also really a site to see.  Two thumbs waaaaay up.

Dark Nights: Death Metal #6

Writer: Scott Snyder

Art: Greg Capullo

Well the DC event of the year comes to issue 6 with the “anti-crisis” in full effect.  Not gonna lie this book has been confusing at times but we are finally leading up to the inevitable showdown between Wonder Woman and He who Laughs for the right to form the future of the multiverse.  As most “event” titles this one just feels like it’s not meeting expectations for me but it’s “going to change the DC Universe forever”……………again.  So that’s a thing.

Savage Avengers #16

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Patch Zircher

Juggernaut, Magik, Conan and The Black Knight are after the other Eye of Agamatto and all they have to do to get is kill an asgardian dragon.  After a very thrilling encounter they get the dragon to just give it to them when Magik brings him to Limbo to get some sleep cuz what else could an asgardian dragon really want.  Great book with its rotating cast of characters, very glad I signed up from the beginning

Aquaman #66

Writers: Andy Lanning & Ron Marz

Art: Miguel Mendonca

Endless Winter Part 4 bring us under the sea where Aquaman and Mera are besieged by underwater ice creatures on all sides.  How do we fight The Frost King and his ice creatures? Well with fire trolls of course! Pretty decent read, good crossover event thus far.

Justice League #58

Writers: Andy Lanning & Ron Marz

Art: Xermanico

Endless Winter Part 5 gives us some more backstory on when The Frost King fought Black Adam, Hippopotamus, The Viking Knight and Swamp Thing back in the 10th century.  Back in present time the Justice League bands together to fend off an ice monster attack at The Hall of Justice. Still no sign of the actual Frost King so they can end the global threat.  Another decent read, story just isn’t grasping at me much. If not for the inclusion of Black Adam in the story I would probably be uninterested.

Endless Winter: Teen Titans Special #1

Writers: Ron Marz & Andy Lanning

Part 6 of Endless Winter brings us to The Teen Titans under super not so secret probation helping keep people safe from the storm.  While saving some people on the Brooklyn Bridge they encountered a meta-human with ice powers. Coincidence? I think not! A visit from Flash and Cyborg reveals that maybe Hippolyta knows what’s going on so Cyborg, Flash and Donna Troy boom tube it right to the island.  Another decent chapter looking forward to the next chapter in Justice League Dark.

Pretty solid week this week, some good groundwork for future stories.  No surprise here but this week’s pick of the week is Superman #28.  An absolute amazing conclusion to Bendis’ stellar Superman run.
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