Within Dr. Safir-Farrouk’s nightmare, a door explodes across the hallway and an unearthly roar bellows from within the originating room. Aubery goes to investigate, while the others hide. Genevieve searches for some clue of where we are and finds a discarded lab coat that says: Fort Dietrich, Operation Artichoke. Property of Army Chemical Core Research And Development. Very stealthily inspecting the room with the growling, Aubery spies some fleshy, alien-like thing that is indeterminate in nature, and it is very much alive. She carefully shuts the door on it which gives us a little bit of time to formulate a plan. Barnabas has found a laundry chute, sliding down it and we follow, all landing in a pile of biohazardous scrubs. Aubery shuts and locks the chute door, making us safe for a moment. Leila is grabbed by shoulders, spun around and grabbed by the collar. “What in the hell is going on here?!” The others begin to hound Dr. Safir-Farrouk for answers, then suddenly all noise is sucked from the room. The familiar thump which signifies the demimonde transition happens, and we are suddenly in the nightmare of Genevieve – revealing that her biggest secret is the death of her friend (who strangely appeared possessed) – that she could have helped her friend live, but she lied. The nightmare then switches to Aubery’s, her own child (appearing possessed as Aubery’s old hallucinations caused her to perceive) chained up and calling for her. Aubery breaks, and Genevieve has no mercy when it comes to her words for the asylum guard. The lights go out and we’re all back in the hall. The doctor quickly (and nervously) whips up a sedative for Aubery who is still panicking, but due to nervousness causes anaphylaxis in the panicking woman. Thankfully there’s an epinephrine pen that Barnabas uses in the utmost urgency. The Monseigneur packs his bags and tells us we’re all getting off the island, and we follow him to one of the vans. Driving along the road, the priest is swerving a bit. He goes off the road, apologizing for the rumble strips. Suddenly we realize that the van is making no noise – we must have slipped into the demimonde. An amalgamation of a monster zips across the road and slams into our van. We go off the road and the Monseigneur tries to get the van working while Barnabas tells us that it is his own monster from his book, a Jackawallobee. He also reveals its weakness, a hickory stake. Luckily Aubery can recognize a hickory tree, and we venture into the woods to find one. She does indeed find a fallen hickory branch. Joshua is attacked by the bizarre creature, and Aubery stabs it to death with the stake. The monster begins to shrink, or so we think, until it shapeshifts from itself to a younger, bloody and creepy Barnabas. In the distance we hear the scariest creature that the author Barnabas has cooked up in his yet unreleased book, and crying close to breaking, confesses that he accidentally killed someone. Suddenly the fog rolls back as if in response. We all make our way back to the van to find the priest running back the way he came demanding us not to follow, that we’re on our own. An argument begins with Aubery, Genevieve and Leila, and between Barnabas and Joshua. One by one, we divulge our dark secrets – Aubery, Genevieve, Joshua – Barnabas avoids telling the truth, attempting to fast talk the entire group. Finally, the rest concede to get someplace more comfortable where they can eat and drink. There after a couple of drinks, Barnabas breaks down and tells us his most important regret of his past. Afterwards, everyone looks to Leila for her story – and she tells it in full. As all the [major] truths have been revealed, a large wave of tension is extinguished. Aubery and Joshua decide to go to the medical center for their injuries, but before they can, the earth rumbles with the signifier that something occurs regarding the demimonde. However… seeing how we had all just revealed our darkest secrets, and we are at peace… it signifies that something new (something unknown), is happening.

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