“Procreation and Perforations” a.k.a. “Dinghy’s and Distortions”

The Siblings, following the raid, were given a task by the last remaining counsellor, Feerada, to help find the abducted Counsellor Tehmeena. While many of the siblings were willing to help out of obligation to the Enclave and to Telal, Feerada was also willing to pay each sibling 100 copper Dhin -or 100 days worth of meals, for Tehmeena’s safe return. Naturally, the siblings agree to help.
Ela, the cunning survivalist that he is, harvested what he could from the raiders bodies, Saraqi’el was able to learn that the raiders were under the effects of numbing medicinals based on the scent of their flesh, and Madara ate the flesh to help with his back pain.

The siblings then went on to interrogate the remaining raiders, learning that the raiders had tattoos similar to the sibling’s own sun shaped brands. Each ray of the sun tattoo, supposedly, marks a life that the tattoo’s wearer has taken. They also learned that Tehmeena was being taken to the docks, before they brutally murdered the cooperative raider.

Ela and Kelaus began their journey to the docks in one of the Enclave’s remaining Dinghys, bonding over procreation and survival for a gruesomely long 3 hours, while Saraqi’el and Abdul searched the Enclave’s scorched warehouses for clues, and Madara got a head start towards Telal’s abandoned home. Saraqi’el and Abdul discover that the fires were directly connected to the raiders before meeting Madara at Telal’s home.

Once there, the trio found the door broken down and the home devoid of valuables. Saraqi’el then has a flashback to their youth, revealing memories of a strange tablet, and the trio find the tablet shattered underneath Telal’s bed.

After the trio learned of each other’s sun-shaped tattoos and Abdul’s full body markings, they moved on to Tehmeena’s quarters in the Enclave. While there, they find a similar, un-shattered tablet depicting a cataclysm that had occurred long, long ago, where the skies tore open and void entities descended upon humankind like wrathful gods. The long and arduous journey was beginning to take its toll on Ela and Kelaus. They had already talked about procreation and survival, leaving Ela grasping at straws. Kelaus, trying desperately to fill the silence, begins sharing his adventures, and while only a few of them were completely true, they did teach Ela about how lavishly those above the status of dogs lived, being able to go into stores and actually be served.

The Void-Marked trio had finished their investigations, but were pressed for time. They had to get to the docks as quickly as possible, and Elder Feerada was able to provide a void-fairing vessel for them to use. The Magnificent Abdul opened a perforation into the void in the nearby lake, causing mild distortion to befall Saraqi’el, who lost all but 2 of their many eyes, and Madara, who began to shake violently.

In an astounding 15 minutes, the trio made it to the docks in time to meet Ela and Kelaus, causing distortions to befall the two of them, and leading Ela’s prefect predatory claws to be replaced with grotesque, normal human hands!

The siblings were at least reunited, ready to share what they’ve learned and to search for Tehmeena.

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