When last we found our crew, they were arriving to Waterdog Port, ahead of a potential vote for Cuervo to become a Luminary of the city.

The crew split up, with Captain Sir Renaldi heading to see Muggsy Blue about possible real estate ventures. Meanwhile, Samira suspected Co-Supervising-Captain Queso of nefarious deeds, and had Queso take Samira to the cat wards of the town. Otherwise, Damascus and Ham wandered off to a local park to play ball.

Sir Renaldi met with Muggsy, and the two built a quick partnership to purchase a townhouse at auction. The two arrived at the local auction where they noticed Cuervo was there as well.

Meanwhile, Samira was escorted by Queso to the cat wards. The two conversed for quite some time, with Queso expressing her longing for the freedom of the open seas. She otherwise found it hard to associate with her land-lubbing kin. The two decided to return to the others, only to stumble upon the auction about to start.

The typically stalwart Renaldi wanted no part in using the paddle for the auction, as Muggsy had bequeathed it to him due to a stomach ache. Renaldi quickly passed the auction paddle off to newly arrived Samira. In the park, Ham and Damascus put on a show of fetch for a small crowd. When finished though, one of the Footwing crows stood out in the crowd, and Damascus approached. The Footwing informed him that he and his fellow crew should come to the the Footwing Cage under the cover of night.

Back at the auction, Samira raised her paddle at every possible bid, getting as high as 5000 coin! Her main rival in the auction had been Cuervo himself, who seemed to falter at spending 5000 on the townhome. The auction concluded with the crew acquiring residency to the town — and more so, a right to voice their opinion in the vote for the Luminary. Cuervo personally congratulated them, and but it seemed more like a warning not to interfere with his personal affairs.

Later that night, the Crew met with the Matriarch of the Footwing. She asked them to rescue her niece, who was imprisoned by Cuervo, forcing the Footwing into his service. Splitting up, the crew sought to raise a distraction, and allow the others to infiltrate the residence of Cuervo. Under the disguise of Renaldi as “Palo” and Ham as well-spoken “Tin Can”, the two started a nigh riot of food passion amongst the resident guards over the great tasty pleasures of the “Do-Naut”. The leader of the guards, Sweet Hells, was duped by their sensual speech about the tasty Do-Nauts and lead away from their posts.

Meanwhile, inside the residence, Samira and Damascus made their way to the main house. Outside a window, they heard two voices — one slightly familiar, and the other Cuervo. The one voice almost seemed to be bossing Cuervo around. Meandering about the main house, Damascus and Samira were forced to subdue a guard and freed the young neice of the Matron. Damascus took the unconcious body of the guard and left a note about how the guard was supposedly responsible for the kidnapping.

They returned the niece to the Footwing Matron, who in return would help them bring down Cuervo at the vote for the Luminary. The Crew went to sleep that night, unawares of the dangers they would face in the morn at the town square, and the Luminary proceedings.

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