Cal’al, the barkeep (and Nim’s sleeping partner last night), informs the Vorpal Vagabonds that Skull Port is blocked off from the rest of the lower dungeon. She suggests The Worm’s Gullet for a heartier meal, and to explore the town. Our first stop planned is the armory, and we pass by The Black Tankard, seeing we’ve picked the right inn to stay at. We hear the sounds of the blacksmith and feel the heat of the forge before we see it – and indeed, as Cal’al has said, we could not miss it – the blacksmith being a fire giant. Sharrask, by a stroke of destiny, is offered a job and apprenticeship in exchange for an incredible blacksmithied item of his choice and happenstance finds that his previous adventuring crew is also working for the giantess, he is reunited. We continue on to find a dwarven brewery and we swing by, interested to see what it’s like. Shadow slips away while the rest of us peruse. The owner of the brewery divulges that he is human, and open to having meetings of revolutionary ideals and open-mindedness. Nim asks about meetings of unification of the drow and above-ground elves and the brewmaster tells Nim about a previously drow-owned house that can be converted into a temple to Elistraee. In the meantime, Shadow is seeking a place to sell the gems we’ve found along the way. A halfling lady appraises them, and then appraises some religious iconography for our Tabaxi. She then gives him directions to the Poison Quill, where Shadow can get papers for his attuned crown’s identity it creates his image to be. The mage that runs the Poison Quill sets Shadow up with all the information and paperwork that he could ask for and informs him that she has a teleportation circle in the back for a fee to come and go from the dungeons. Shadow invests in a future round trip and meets back up with his fellow Vagabonds. We make way to the library, which is housed in a religious building called the Athenaeum. In order to enter, we must share a piece of knowledge that is not known to the library. Each of us find the information we’re seeking, though… some of us (being Cal) more information than we probably should have. After leaving the Athenaeum, Cal once more pranks Shadow to think he is being soaked by tidal wave from Nim. Shadow knows Nim wouldn’t do that, but he can’t prove it was indeed Cal. Yondalla’s Closet is our next stop for Dencik and the shop is to the truest description, an absolute mess. Dencik asks the tabaxi owner, Moonstruck, for information on a vision he had as a child; A large eye chasing him, then the next day he had seen a large red star falling from the darkened sky. The tabaxi is unfamiliar with his vision and goes to the back to look up information. The kobold that works for the tabaxi gifts Dencik a book that he is drawn to, and a Ring of Winter. While waiting for the tabaxi to return, Dencik finds a mirror that fogs at his glance and his curiosity draws him to ask the price and purchases it. Moonstruck in the meantime has found a sales record of selling a red stone that radiated warmth and shone like the sun, revealing that he has sold it to Rodd Krigga, the blacksmith giantess. For his troubles, Moonstruck gives Dencik a rock that seems to have a heartbeat, and the dragonborn decides to ask Cal about it later. Continuing to regroup with his friends, Dencik sees a strange two hooded figures that seem to leak a fog-like smoke from their very selves. The group gathers, but Cal seems to be missing – he has been summoned into an alleyway by a hooded figure, which reveals itself to be a mindflayer who offers secrets for Cal’s goddess. Cal agrees to the deal and disappears through a portal with the mindflayer, leaving a scroll with Nim for delivery to Sprouting Hops. The Vorpal Vagabonds make their way to the abandoned house, and Nim gains a vision of an alien presence in agony, the presence demanding “Why? Why?!” Nim responds that they don’t know why, but they hope to make it right somehow. The door unlocks itself and Nim opens it, the candles alight themselves and a key is made available to Nim. The Vagabonds lightly inspect the place, then head out to Dencik’s errand of going back to Rodd Krigga’s forge to find out more about the red stone that he envisioned falling from the sky, that Rodd Krigga may actually have. She demands that Dencik play a game of chance to gain information with Sharrask’s length of working at stake. Dencik wins, and she brings out the stone housed in a chest. He then produces the heartbeat rock, and gifts it to her as a sign of no ill will. “Well done Dencik,” Sharrask says, “I am glad to have no plans to kill you today.” Onwards to our last stop, we go to the bakery Sweet As Ants owned by a firbolg by the name of Napeener. There, Izzy not only finds the cookie of her dreams, but the apprenticeship of her dreams, as well as the job of her dreams – caring for Destiny, the owner’s pet unicorn. We’re finally able to pull Izzy away and Shadow reveals the book he found at the Athenaeum of Tiefling Karma Sutra, so Nim makes a quick purchase of a fancy pastry for Cal’al. As we’re seated back at the tavern, Dencik opens the chest and the stone emits some hefty heat. He closes the chest as quickly as possible, and goes up to his room to relieve the guests at the tavern. He examines the stone, and it turns out to be a bronze dragon’s egg. Cal our friend pops out of a portal with a smiling bipedal fox and the mindflayer both seeming to wave as Cal leaves. He takes us to “the best” restaurant, a new place which happens to be Sprouting Hops’ Noodle Shop – the Vorpal Vagabonds reunited.

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