Dixie returned the video recorder to CURS for processing, was given info from Andre about a local gig at a place called Red Dirt; a bar where Johnny Silverhand made his name.

While playing, she notices a woman with a face mask observing her through the evening and disappearing into the crowd once she arouses suspicion among the guards.

Someone mistakes Cyanide for Nova. She gets dizzy and sees different reflections of herself in the the bar’s mirrors. One of them asks silently: “Who am I?”

Corp security picks her up and offers to pick up some food before heading to Cyanide’s apartment.

Cyanide gets a call from a suit named Allison, repping for Maas Biolabs. Allison reveals that Maas is aware, through her biomonitor, that she’s been experiencing strange biological functions and that they can help. All they need are some samples and a short (free) consultation at one of their branch offices. Cyanide says she does not trust what they’re saying and hangs up.

At the next intersection, the two SUVs get blindsided by some other vehicles and gunmen emerge to take shots at the bodyguards. Cyanide blacks out for a moment and when she reawakens her body is filled with adrenaline. As her entourage is shredded by the attackers, her mind is flooded with memories of tactics, weapons and fighting styles she didn’t possess previously.

A small sports car rounded the bend and the woman with the face mask emerged firing an auto shotgun at the remaining corp goons, killing several.

Taking up her katana, she successfully crossed swords with a blade wielding mercenary wearing a linear frame, damaging the frame and rendering the merc inoperable.

As a full borg assassin made their way to the woman, he was tackled by an Cyberform resembling the type seen outside of Enrique Haas’ home at the beginning of our story. The cyborg assassin’s neck was easily snapped by the Cyberform, ending him as a threat.

With the attackers defeated, Cyanide followed the woman into her car and they reconvened at a nearby abandoned warehouse. Inside, the woman introduced herself as Jazz and revealed herself to look like an older version of Jazz.

She proceeded to reveal that corps like Maas were in the business of making clones of people and selling them off, often with fake memories, to clients willing to pay large sums for a programmed subservient slave or expendable agent. Sometimes, she explained, these clones would be able to tap into one another’s memories and use each other’s skills through a shared consciousness, provided those whose skills they sampled were still alive.

Jazz gave Cyanide a jailbroken agent with names, addresses and details of contacts she had made all around the world during her 20 years time as an edgerunner and fixer. Revealing herself also to be the client who hired the Arnetto Cartel to fish AIs out of the Old Net, Jazz introduced her to the Cyberform that helped save her from captivity; Jehovah.

Jehovah explained that her friends were walking into a bloodbath if she didn’t move soon to stop the inevitable assault on Mithras’ convergence. The AI’s enemies were well aware of what was to take place soon and were taking steps to kill everyone involved.

Cyanide jumped into the sports car and rode with Jehovah to the Horizon ILS to help the runners before it was too late.

The runners, meanwhile, were mostly successful in dodging the incoming fire from the attack helo. Candy did not act fast enough, but was saved by an incognito Cyrus Jones who was posing as one of the monks in the room for the convergence. When he recognized Candy as being in the line of fire, he selflessly jumped in the way of the gunfire. The runners scrambled out of the way as the floor began to collapse.

Mithras, half alive, crawled to a switch and activated some mechanism that powered on a small collapsible satellite atop the building and sent the collected consciousnesses to it.

Candy fell but was caught by Jones as his last effort before falling into the depths of the building to his death. Distraught, Candy used tear gas grenades to cause a smokescreen for the helo and began to descend with Nomad and Rift.

Cyanide and Jehovah made their way to the roof where she began firing at the helo while Jehovah leaped atop it and attempted to rip its way into the empty cockpit.

Rift and Tera fired repeatedly at the helo, damaging the main and aft rotors–sending it careening off into another direction. Some of the other gunmen came around the corner and surprised Vector, shooting them successfuly with a burst of gunfire. Another successfully shot Tera at close range, but the tech was saved by his armor and meat shield.

The others received fire from incoming attackers on the street and began firing back. Vector skewered two shooters with a well placed crossbow bolt to the neck and solar plexus. Tera perforated some of the shooters, using downed allied gunners as meat shields. Nomad raced downstairs and used his Firebird to scorch one of the shooters with the flamethrower loaded in the trunk of the car.

Candy emerged and gave Vector one of her BLUE lollypops which helped to instantly kill some of the pain, restore lost blood and clot the wounds that had affected them from the previous attack.

With a large enough opening made by Jehovah, Cyanide fired a few well placed shots into the cockpit, destroying many of the controls. She also glimpsed, however, that the front end was loaded to bear with explosives. Before she could call for Jehovah to jump clear, the helo exploded through remote detonation and crashed onto the street.

The remaining attacker was shot by Rift as they fled down the street. As they crawled away, the runners saw NetWatch, Max Tac and Turing AVs descending down onto the scene. The lone terrorist was shot and killed by Inspector Schottki when they attempted to pull a pistol on the officer in charge in a manner reminiscent of how he had executed the Cyberform known as Jupiter at the start of our story.

Schottki didn’t seem overly concerned with the runners, citing that the terrorist group known as the Heideggers were enemies of the Turing agency as well as anyone with cybernetics, AIs, etc. He also revealed that they only needed Cyrus Jones to create a legal loophole where Turing and Netwatch could legally be allowed to enter a place such as the ILS, which could have denied their entry otherwise.

After Netwatch had fled the scene and destroyed any feed Mithras could have used to escape, the team surveyed the crash and were able to salvage the hard drive storage that contained Jehovah.

Cyanide’s agent beeped with a message that read: “AI rights are __.”
When she answered with “Human rights,” the anonymous sender agreed and replied with:

“Very good. Are we ready to begin?”

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