Our monsters woke up, vision blurred and ears ringing, as they had just been t-boned and Cailleach had been kidnapped. Clearly still recovering from their concussions, the gang tries to figure out how to get Cailleach back, when Brandon/Camila decides to call their contact at Nagalfar’s Army, and it is revealed that a large coup is being attempted as chaos erupts around the city.

The gang hops in the sewer grate, and appears in Brandon/Camila’s Bolt Hole. Having a time to decide what to do and research their leads pays off as they are outside the passage of time. Mac and Brandon/Camila work together using a partial plate number and CCTV footage to realize Cailleach was whisked away by Titania.

The group realizes that the exit to the bolt hole is being watched, so they agree to travel through Donovan’s Lair so that they can escape notice and get to the bar as quickly as possible.

MEANWHILE, AT THE HALL OF JUSTICE (AKA TITANIA’S LAIR), Cailleach is alerted that their kidnapping was actually a rescue attempt to shield them from the rogue members of Nagalfar’s that has started this coup. Titania tells Cailleach that Ferris was able to destroy several powerful members on his way out, and weaken the Prince. He has also found a way to weaponize the Contagion and it is based on a series of books called The Dresden Files.

Donovan whisks his friends through his Lair, which they don’t seem to understand is the most personal and trusting action he could do. They arrive at the bar, The Top Shelf, ankle deep in a Lion King kiddie pool. Members of Zero Hour are worried as they are not able to get a hold of Marissa. They then attempt to call Cailleach and to their surprise, are successful. Both sides fill each other in on events, and then Cailleach rides a dragon to the bar.

Jenny interrupts the meeting the monsters are having in their employee’s only room, and drapes herself around Mac as they battle plan on how to deal with a weaponized Contagion and Ferris. Through more police scanner listening the team plus Jenny heads to Walmart supposedly under attack by a T-Rex. The team decides to take some time to figure out how they, and by extension, their powers were affected by the Contagion.

Donovan attempts to taunt Ferris and his T-Rex to come out of the Walmart, and is rewarded with a giant lightning bolt that glasses half the parking lot. The team then decides to sneak their way inside in order to get Cailleach to the freezer section so they can heal and then take out their enemy. Brandon/Camila decides to lead them to the cleaning section, while Ian attempts to make his way to the rafters. The team gets to the cleaning supplies to learn that Brandon/Camila had no reason to come here, and Ian gets to the rafters with the help of the T-Rex headbutting him up there. The team attempts to make a bomb and is then faced with dementor looking creatures. Looks like it’s time to D-D-D-D-DUEL!

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