Our monsters woke up from what they felt was a two week sleep, and thought about what to do next. Cailleach informed Nagalfar’s Army of their unusual solution for the bar, and Cailleach’s contact advised the Prince wouldn’t be happy with that, and proposed they do him a favor in order to make up for this.

The group went over the morality of killing a random person they didn’t know in order to make up for a mistake. They decided they would observe this person and make a decision from there on what to do.

The gang gets to the apartment complex and sneaks their way around to the back after spotting cameras watching the front door. Upon Brandon attempting to infiltrate the apartment across from the one where their target was, he takes a sniper shot to the gut.

All hell breaks loose when Jenny busts down the opposite door, throws a table down the stairs to hit Cailleach and Mac, and Donovan and Brandon “go loud”.

A van rolls down the street and several vampires jump out, one holding an RPG that explodes Jenny’s apartment and this causes Jenny to shift her focus on them. Momentarily joining forces, Jenny and the gang melt, disintegrate, swallow, shoot, sunbeam, dismember, and melt the Prince’s mole’s forces.

Jenny leads Brandon over to a person dying from the RPG blast, and Brandon takes on her form and disguise to become Camila Perez. He promises to take care of her children.

Jenny hopes in the van with our monsters and they go back to the Nunnery where Jenny decides she will be momentarily staying with them. The gang decides to go to their bar they own, but on the way they are smashed into by a semi and vampire forces hop out and grab Cailleach.

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