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Previously, we were introduced to our group of misfits who arrived in a well to do corporate neighborhood located in Westbrook, north of Night City.

The newly conceived subdivision of NetWatch known as Turing had contracted the majority of them to make contact with and arrest Enrique Haas, the chief engineer of a local advanced robotics factory belonging to a subsidiary of Arasaka’s named Yokono.

After the recent escape of hundreds of artificial intelligences from the Old Net, they were able to acquire physical form and escape their captivity into the real world with engineer’s help. They were to apprehend Haas and either contain or destroy any suspected Cyberforms that Haas may be harboring in his home.

Arriving just before was rock sensation Cyanide, whose manager had assigned her to shadow a rent-a-cop with a southern drawl named Cyrus Jones for the popular show C.U.R.S (Cops Under Review Surveillance). Responding to the disturbance at the cul-de-sac which housed Haas’ home, Cyrus was deputized by Turing agent and lead Inspector Leon Schottki to assist his agency’s contracted troubleshooters in the chief engineer’s arrest.

Cyrus took point at the front door of the home but was halted from breaching by the group’s tech, Tera. Using a special tool to x-ray a portion of the door, they were able to identify a tripwire trigger tied to the front entrance.

Nomad, the group’s transportation and contact to the Nomad families, meanwhile, checked out and made an interesting observation about the garage’s flimsy aluminum door and vacant driveway. The scavenger then boarded his armored van and prepared to drive his vehicle into the garage door.

The action exploded when Cyrus breached the front entrance with an auto shotgun, triggering a blast by a hastily jury rigged double barrel shotgun trap.

Vector, the group’s Solo, and Tera then skirted the side of the home’s perimeter and looked for an entrypoint while Rift and Candy, the group’s Netrunner and sugary sweet Medtech respectively, stood next to Cyanide on the sidewalk as she filmed. Around this time, Tera and Vector heard a car revving its engine inside the garage.

Suddenly, the flimsy garage door crumpled under the weight of a purple colored Ford Firebird as it shot out into the street and prepared to meet Nomad’s van head on.

Cyrus glimpsed Haas inside the house, hiding behind a couch with nothing more than a shotgun and a bathrobe on. “AI rights are human rights!” he screamed as he fired his shotgun and narrowly hitting Cyrus.

As both men exchanged gunfire with one another, Tera used a flashbang to effectively blind Haas. Vector followed the assis and used their mono katana to break a sliding glass door and engage with Haas’ personal space. Two swipes was all it took to bring the chief engineer screaming to the floor, bleeding.

Outside, Nomad’s armored van made short work of Haas’ sportscar, causing it to mount the curb, damage its alignment and fishtail out of control. The front windshield fractured to pieces as a Cyberform emerged and began running with the speed of a souped up motorcycle. Giving chase, the scavenger managed to damage it before it was able to leap onto the top of the van.

Schottki fired a shot and injured the Cyberform some before it rolled off the top of the van and continued its escape, leaping and hurtling over obstacles, heading towards the main road outside the suburb. Schottki jumped into his spinner and followed behind Nomad as they gave chase.

As Cyrus entered the home, he was nearly shot by the automatic gunfire from a large pillar sporting several rotating and ascending auto turrets whose fire cover extended from the bottom floor of the house to the second. Taking turns with Tera, both were able to damage it significantly and put it out of commission before it could fire again.

Catching up to the Cyberform, Nomad crushed its legs and lower frame with the undercarriage of the van, causing the vehicle to screech to a halt. Nomad watched as the crumbling form of the Cyberform crawled and tried to pose the question: “Why do you hate us so much?”

It’s query was cut short by a single shot delivered by Schottki, causing the Cyberform’s head to explode into a cloud of silicon and metal.

Rift used his virtual goggles to enter into the network architecture for the smart house, cruising through a password prompt and smashing a low level ICE with ease. On the network, he found a strange image file that depicted a group of humans with cables and wires connected to a central android figure who emitted light out of its mouth and eyes. The digital pamphlet spoke about a “convergence” between those gathered and one called Mithras. The URL link on the digital pamphlet was not something seen since the days of the Old Net.

Candy was able to help stabilize Haas enough that he could be carried out to the curb and questioned until paramedics arrived. She was able to tease much information about “Jupiter”, the Cyberform he was housing in secret and how Turing was exterminating all AI’s as part of their policy. Cyanide took advantage and filmed the entire exchange on her video cam.

Schottki returned to the scene just as Rift corrupted a copy of the file and delivered it to Turing, keeping the original on his cyberdeck. He followed this up by sending Cyanide a message about the file. When confronted by Schottki, he lied and said that’s all he was able to find on the network architecture. With that, the lead inspector entered Haas’ house to look for more information and began with the engineer’s data terminal.

Nomad called on a road family friend to bring to a tow truck and claim the purple firebird. He was intercepted by Turing agents who said that the vehicle was being confiscated as part of the ongoing investigation, being that it was used to assault someone essentially deputized by the Turing agency.

Candy rode with Haas to the NetWatch offices for a formal interrogation to be carried out by Schottki and others. As Turing was finishing his search of Haas’ belongings, he defused a tense standoff between our group of runners and the Turing agents who attempted unsuccessfully to take Cyanide’s video cam. Instead, he bade them all to meet back with him at NetWatch offices in Night City for the debriefing.

The group brought tacos to the NetWatch offices and kept Candy company after Haas was dragged away in cuffs.

After the subsequent interrogation, Schottki learned everything he needed from Haas and had the group enter the conference room. Inside, another tense standoff occurred between the lead inspector and his troubleshooters.

When confronted that Schottki knew he had made a copy of the original file found on the house network, Rift refused to speak with him. Schottki left the room and let his nameless counterpart attempt to get the information from him with honey instead of vinegar. All attempts failed, however, and so the troubleshooters were released from their contracts. Which made their decision to keep Cyrus, and Cyanide by extension, deputized for the duration of the investigation all the more curious.

Speaking in private, Rift revealed that he had a link to the Old Net that would shine more light on this mystery involving AI’s with names corresponding to old dead gods. Realizing that they would need an old server still connected to the Old Net, the group began to conspire on how best to do this.

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