Nim emerges from the room to share what they’ve discovered, and the blessing of the goddess. At first their friends thought they meant the spider goddess, but Nim explained better. The crew carries on to another hall, where Shadow accidentally sets off a trap, sending a boulder rolling down the hall. We escaped without being flattened, but Shadow had some injuries easily healed by potions. After the boulder ceased its roll, we go past it to the direction it came from. There’s a room with books and urns – Shadow finds a bag of dust that might not be ashes but could be ashes. Cal finds a book written in Celestial that holds some spells, which he keeps ahold of.

We go back to the pillar room and head down the opposite hall, finding many lifelike statues which we’re very cautious of. It seems that the pillars somehow can activate to bring them back to life, which we consider for a moment but then reconsider. Cal figures out there’s an illusory wall, and behind it, finds a statue of Halaster, not petrified like the others, just a carving. The Vorpal Vagabonds inspect the area and deem it completed – thus traverse the stairs down to the third layer of the dungeon.

Venturing down we find a strange corpse from which some unknown thing has burst from its neck. Instead of continuing the direction in which we found the body, we turn around due to signs of Gricks. Back into an alternate hall of the new level, Shadow asks Cal what his bag of dust does and Cal obliges Shadow’s request for information by sprinkling it on him. Lo and behold, the dust is an invisibility dust making Shadow invisible for four minutes. Unfortunately, this uses one of the three uses. Using this newfound trick Shadow inspects the next room to discover Quoggoths. With a sneak Tidal Wave from Nim the battle with the Quoggoth pack is initiated. Once our Vagabonds defeat them we make our way to a locked door which Shadow makes quick work of.

Behind that door was held a myriad of spider webs and a small band of mining troglodytes. Since the troglodytes were unawares, we decided to take them out with the advantage. After eliminating them we continue through to a barred door which Shadow knocks on. Cal sneaks up on Shadow and whispers “it’s a red dragon” and Shadow leaps into the air and clings to the ceiling. Our wizard Cal unbars the door and finds a High Elf inside, “I was put in here because of the Drow, it’s what they know.” She tells us that she cannot cast spells because they took her spell book. Cal gives her his extras that he no longer needs. The elf uses the book to cast Gaseous Form over herself, and escapes through another door to prove her loyalty to the Drow and betray the crew to them.

They come after the Vorpal Vagabonds, but Nim uses their newfound spell Stone Shape to encase the door in stone so they cannot come through it, and for now, the group is safe until they find the next encounter.

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