We head back towards the base with haste, and Iona loses control of the vehicle. In that direction is a tank belonging to our outfit, but an enemy drop ship is firing RPGs at the tank which causes Iona to panic and lose control of the vehicle, veering our APC into the line of fire. We take the opportunity to fire on our enemy and take them down. Continuing on, our APC crashes into a crater and we’re flung from it, buildings crashing down onto the vehicle. Team Charlie takes shelter in a civilian location to lick our wounds. We take off as soon as we’re well enough, having helped some civilians also. We head out to return to Fort Nebraska, but suddenly an EMP goes off and takes down ships on both sides. An unknown ship had emitted it, blotting out the entire light of the sun in its enormous size. Iris ports open up on the belly of the ship which release spiral devices down into the atmosphere. We take cover just in time as the spiral mechanisms spray the entire planet with an oily black substance – all who come into contact with it are excruciatingly metamorphized into various iterations of the xenomorphs.

Taking off on foot on the periphery of the contaminant’s ground zero, we find two airtight suits which go to Iona and Zmijewski. We come to the base and find that it’s been sealed in a Contagion protocol – a protocol that keeps things in, not that keeps things out… an ominous finding. We break into the base by exploding a ventilation pipe and make our way into a mess hall, the entirety of which has been renovated into a hive. Staff are dangling from the ceiling in cocoon-like forms, and upon being disturbed, chest-bursters explode from their torsos. Our crew defends ourselves as best as possible with many injuries sustained, but we make it to our leader’s office. He had died bravely. We find and respectfully cover his corpse in the hall, then come upon a pile of xenomorph bodies that have leaked their acid blood enough to make a large hole to the floor beneath, Sub Level 1. Charlie team finds some EMP-protected weapons and tanks, so we take what we need and continue to the nukes in Sub Level 2.

Moving on we discover a radiation fire that is worsening and are ambushed by two xenomorph drones. Hammer takes out the first one, and the second sends its secondary jaw through Dante’s brain. Dante in one final attempt to fight, explodes all of his grenades on his belt and we take off running towards our next destination where we refill ammo and weapons. There also happens to be a hatch headed down to what we think is Sub Level 2, but turns out to be Sub Level 3, wherein is contained the nukes and the reactor. We set it to 8 hours, enough time for us to escape via the space elevator. Suddenly Mason collapses in pain, the chest-burster that was inside of her making its way out. Hammer grabs Mason and we all follow to a med pod, but once in the room Iona bolts and meets his end in his escape attempt. Back at the med pod, Mason was the only one able to operate the pod and successfully removed and neutralized the chest-burster.

After the operation, we make our way towards the space elevator – to find our way blocked by the xenomorph queen and her brood. Sacrificing herself, Mason tells us to escape via the catwalk above. Walking courageously straight to the queen, our leader takes down a ton of brood and injures the queen as best as she can before going out in a blaze of glory. Zmijewski, Hammer, and Wright make it to the space elevator. On the way up, the elevator gives a warning signal of uneven load, and we see that the queen has climbed onto the bottom of the lift. Hammer and Wright take after it, and sadly Hammer is skewered by the queen’s tail and his parts scattered to the four winds. Wright took the last aim and knocked the queen back down to earth.

The space elevator proceeds up, Zmijewski and Wright ride in silence until another warning alarm. They look up to see that the leads to the escape are tangled up in a dead ship, bodies and equipment floating about, as well as some escape pods. Escape pods that are capable of light speed. To reach them, they put on vac-suits and free-spacewalk as best as they can. Wright makes it to her pod and Zmijewski almost misses his – but the two manage to get themselves inside their own pods, make comfy, set a course, and begin stasis.

Zmijewski makes a final recording: “Kruger 60 system. Final report from the USCMC base Fort Nebraska. Private Stanley Zmijewski reporting. Colony attacked by unknown forces with advanced bioweapons. Project Life Force compromised. UPP and Colonial Marine forces wiped out. Colony and base destroyed. Thousands are dead. Only two of us have survived. I can only pray the damn Network picks this up before the UPP does. This is Private Zmijewski, signing off.”

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