Hey there, snicker-snacks! Welcome to the inaugural outing of our newest edition to Vorpal Tales — The Pull List! New comic book day is every week on Wednesday. We will be posting the best picks per @funkythunderr on Thursdays! So, welcome my friends to your weekly comic book review by your favorite comic obsessed adult, Funky Thunderr.  This week’s pull list is stacked with goodies and maybe a few baddies. We shall see as we get through our reading.

And now for the reviews in no particular order of any kind whatsoever….

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #7

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Art: Paulo Villanelli

I checked out this title after many people had recommended it as something special. Now I do love Star Wars and especially bounty hunters so how could I go wrong. “Target Valance:Collateral Damage Part 2 finds our “hero” and I lose that term loosely for our cyborg friend on the run from some bounty hunters of renown and running into an old flame of his. Typical story of said relationship using the old tried and true comic book flashback story telling. Decent read, nothing spectacular but decent enough story and art and I look forward to seeing where it is going.

Savage Avengers #14

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Patch Zircher The single most ridiculous team of Avengers in the history of ever is at it yet again in their pursuit of the defeat of Kulan Gath. The cast of this book seems to have a really interesting revolving door depending on what’s needed month to month. This issue we have Conan the Barbarian, Magik, The Juggernaut, and The Black Knight fighting an asgardian dragon. Yes I know that sounds ridiculous and yes it is as awesome as it sounds. If you’re not reading this book you should be it is amazing.

Justice League #57

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Xermanico

This Dark Night’s Death Metal tie in arc has been pretty awesome seeing a Nightwing led team battling against all destruction of the Omega Knight and Perpetua.  The sudden and inevitable betrayal of Lex Luthor is such a shock, I never could have seen that coming. Justice League has been lacking in quality the last year or so so this refreshing arc with different members has been really good and I am always a sucker for  Nightwing appearance in any book. Normally I would not recommend this title but if you can pick up the last 3 issue a story arc I would recommend it thoroughly.

Amazing Spider-man #53

Writer:Nick Spencer

Art: Mark Bagley

Last Remains up to this point has been stellar, I have absolutely loved it and Part 4 does not fail to live up to the hype. The reveal where Peter learns that the devil that has been torturing him and all his loved ones is actually is old friend Harry Osborne back from the dead was and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Definitely  recommend this title on every level.

Dark Nights:Death Metal #5

Writer: Scott Snyder

Art: Greg Capullo

The DC event of the year reaches issue 5 in the miniseries. It has been an experience to say the least. Sometimes it’s been awesome, sometimes it hasn’t made a lick of sense.  As all the forces of the dark multiverse collide with all the forces of the good multiverse (i guess?) I just find myself scratching  my head. I can’t say i’d recommend this series but it’s supposedly important info for the future of the DC Universe so………..maybe?

Nightwing #76

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Ronan Cliquet

Nightwing finally comes face to face with the man who took away so much of his life with a near lethal gunshot to the head, KGBeast! In a wonderful action sequence showing off why Dick Grayson is one of the best he gets his revenge and takes down the assassin. Stellar artwork and compelling story that  makes this one of my personal faves month after month.

Batman #103

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: Guillem  March

Tynion the Fourth’s run on Batman continues to impress even after the mega Joker War. Batman vs Ghost Maker has been much anticipated and completely delivers on every level. Really seems to have the theme of “finding oneself in the midst of a personal tragedy”. Between the stories of Batman, Harley Quinn, and Clownhunter all mirroring each other in awesome way, this might be my favorite issue of Batman in a very long time. Two Thumbs way up!

Immortal Hulk #40

Writer: Al Ewing

Art:Joe  Bennett

I”m just gonna say it man, this book is weird. Compelling story, great art, really interesting take on the concept of many different Hulk’s inhabiting the psyche of Bruce Banner but this book is just weird. If you’ve read from the beginning I would definitely say to keep at it even if it gets confusing at times because it is always enjoyable……….just weird. If you’ve never picked it up maybe just don’t jump down that rabbit hole with the end of the run supposedly coming up soon.

X-Force #14

Writer: Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan

Art: Joshua Cassara

X of Swords event continues with Part 17 of 22. We went into this thHelinking the Krakoa vs. Arrako Battle Royale was gonna  be sword fights to the death amongst all the combatants and it has now become everyone has a sword but gonna do silly contests like foot races and resist the sexual advances of a big rock in the ocean (Gorgon failed) It’s uh………losing me, started out really good but as it’s getting further on just lackluster at best.

Hellions #6

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Carmen Carnero

X of Swords Part 18 brings us back to the subplot of Mr. Sinister and his Hellions in their mission to cheat to win the tournament. Who would have thunk Mr. Sinister would betray everyone,it’s so out of character for him.  Personal favorite moment when Sinister got giddy when someone else showed him clones they  made, made me chuckle. Decent read, not really important to the overall story but enjoyable.

Cable #6

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Phil Noto

X of Swords Part 19. Phil  Noto art is soooooooooo pretty, I just want to stare at it all day and tell it how pretty it is but my wife might get jealous. Oh yeah the issue……things happened Young Cable was snarky (still miss old Cable) Mister Sinister stole the issue by refusing to come right to the council meeting because he had to go get a cape. My god that was hysterical. Phil Noto drawing Apocalypse, yes please more of this. Score is 19-19 going into part 20 with Apocalypse set to go against his meaner, more powerful ancient wife. So yeah……….that’s rad.

Pick of the week this week goes to DC Comics Batman #103; absolutely adored this issue. James Tynion IV just keeps getting better and better with this Batman run. Everyone should check it out and while you’re at it, hit up a local mom’n’pop comic shop! In times like this they could really use your support and business.  

Till next time, Keep it Funky my friends…

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