We find our monsters at Mr. Martini’s. Cailleach is able to find Donovan and bring him back in, while Brandon finally catches up with the gang. While the group discusses their next actions, Donovan’s fling Nessa’s fiance walks out of the Honky-Tonk bar with his homies. Unfortunately one of them slipped with Donovan and they ended up with a destroyed kneecap. Ian and Donovan go to the restroom and cleanup and make amends.

The group leaves, but Mac’s van is not where they left it. It has been impaled on a nearby light pole, a clear message form the Bilal vampire Ani. Ian is able to work some magic to un-impale the van, while the group discusses how to handle their remaining tasks, the bar and the vampires, with the new information they have gathered from tonight. Unbeknownst to them, they seemed to have been overheard by one of the rogue vamps.

The group gets a tow, and Donovan offers up the Nunnery on his Church’s grounds as an HQ for the team. They remake it in their image including a portal to the Hedge, a chamber to Donovan’s Lair, and an alchemy lab for Ian. Donovan is able to take up a collection at Church to replace the van for Mac.

The group then takes turns calling their groups in order to inform them of mission progress. Cailleach calls Nagalfar’s Army and tells them of the bridge destruction as well as the plan to negotiate  a deal with Issac for the bar, and ends by alerting them they have a mole in their organization. It is instructed to set up a meeting between Jennifer Reese and them to negotiate a course of action.

Donovan and Mac call Zero Hour, and once again inform them of the events of the bridge destruction. Zero Hour is also ok with the plan to negotiate the bar, and instruct Mac to use this infighting to weaken the Prince’s power somehow.

We go back to Mr. Martini’s for what he had called “Story Night”. Mac tells the story of how he died and is given a drink by Mr. Martini that gives him the knowledge to find and rescue Baptiste. Cailleach tells the story of the last day it was whole and how it was birthed, and drinks a drink that gives it the knowledge to become the Fall Queen. Brandon tells the story of their “love” of Stephanie, and drinks a drink that allows them to better observe her. Ian tells the story of how he became an only child and drinks a drink that gives him untold knowledge.

Isaac then leaves and Donovan finds the official documents he left behind that name their lovable group of misfits  as new owners of the building. It seems the building itself has wants and desires and they are now its protectors. It also seems to exist outside of the influence of the Contagion. Each member becomes the owner of one of four bars in the building, while Donovan becomes in charge of the mystical drinks that give people knowledge in exchange for their darkest secrets and stories.

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