Returning to our battle, we find that the enemies have fled when the cloud of fog Cal had created dissipates. From the cloud emerges Cal, now a raven. After some healing, Nim receives a vision and enveloping blessings from Sashelas, releasing them from their cleric-hood and into the path of Druidry to be able to balance their sea half with their land half.

We traverse back the way we came and follow our revenant friend to find his main betrayer, Midna cleric of a dark and evil goddess. Hallath leads us to a room where she has made up residence, and he takes his revenge. With his vengeance achieved, his deity welcomes him into the afterlife with blessings.

The Vorpal Vagabonds journey on, and find a large room covered in frescoes depicting cities made of black stone, succumbing to the ocean. As Shadow walks in, he finds himself stuck in a gigantic gelatinous cube, and we all work to defeat it. Seeing that the locked doors are all watertight sealed, Nim, the half sea elf, takes up the responsibility to unlock the doors in case of flooding. One of the doors contained an altar to the slime god, and the other did indeed flood the room but thankfully Nim could breathe in it.

We take a short rest back in Midna’s old room, then journey on to a hall that Shadow ventures down first, finding the handiwork of dwarves and an interesting archway – a remnant of Halister’s gates. Finding a few well-crafted dwarven weapons and tools, we gain some items. The Vagabonds venture on, and Shadow stealthing ahead happens sneakily upon a zombified beholder being used as a security system by Xanathar. Shadow crafts us all perfect copies of the symbol of Xanathar’s guild and it successfully allows us to pass the beholder zombie.

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