Back in the tunnels, it’s noticed that the tunnels themselves have become somewhat organic. Jack sends Dr. Nelson off to modify a bat, and before he realizes to go along, the Doctor has disappeared. Alone, Dr. Nelson thinks he knows the way but comes across a door that opens to a villa – he enters to strange paintings and the door slams behind him. The crew attempts to find him, and find themselves beside… themselves? We each select a door, and Justin and Jack find Dr. Nelson behind the left, but Bennett has selected the right-hand door. The three in the lefthand room find themselves in Mary DuBois’ personal hellscape, face to face with the now-stone angel herself, surrounded by Vauquelin paintings in the very villa he seduced her in. She had flayed and burned her purgatides, yet somehow, they were still thrashing about in carnality on the bed. Each lunge to grab a painting of Vauquelin’s to destroy… except for Jack, who begins to compliment the stone angel, winning her over. She has only one request, that they trick Vauquelin to think they’ve destroyed Mary Dubois, then, destroy Vauquelin himself. “Make him suffer.” When she leaves, they collect some of her onyx feathers and destroy the rest of the paintings they can find. Dr. Nelson finds a curator, Philippa, that had fallen into the paintings. They destroy the rest of the villa.

Meanwhile, Bennett finds himself in the desert with the door having disappeared behind. He journeys down the road there, passing a house full of undead. He opts not to inspect and travels further, coming upon a mirage of an oasis town. He notices caves further along, and curiosity leads him. Within is a ritual to summon death, Vauquelin central to the magics. Benny attempts to talk to him but to no avail. He turns from Vauquelin and destroys the sigils upon the floor, and the undead held at bay by the protective circle fall upon the artist at the center and destroy his mirage. The angel of death still proceeds to materialize, and Benny rushes to grab the crown, scepter, and scroll artifacts central to the ritual and places the crown upon his head. The angel of death disappears, and Bennett finds himself in the tunnel once more, and in front of his friends plus one Philippa.

Dr. Nelson reveals a journal he’s found of young Vauquelin, and Justin realizes that he can use the journal and the scrolls to create a ritual to banish what Vauquelin has summoned. Bennett is reluctant to hand over the scrolls to Justin, but Justin feels a change within himself, and he ascends to clergy of Gamaliel, and places Benny under his thrall temporarily – Bennett longs to serve and be passionate with his temporary master. The group returns to the vault room where Justin and Bennett create the ritual together. Justin, hungering for a trauma to devour, convinces Benny to tell him of his past to feed from. Realizing he wishes to please his master, Benny casts a ritual too quickly for Justin to stop him, and Justin slips into Benny’s personal purgatory – this act having allowed Bennett to transcend.

After five minutes (5 years for Justin), Justin returns and Bennett is out from his spell. Justin and Bennett make bloody, horrific, sadistic copulation as only purgatides may. Impatient and disgusted, Jack finds himself outside the door and in a plastered, snail-shaped hall. He stumbles upon another iteration of Vauquelin in the center. The artist gouges his eyes with paintbrushes, asking if Jack can see. Jack snaps and finishes off that version of Vauquelin.

Dr. Nelson leaves Philippa in the safety of the vault and promises wholeheartedly that he’ll be back for her. The three men journey to the center of the hall that Jack is in, and find that he’s smashed his way into the Vauquelin exhibit. The group reunites and walks into the exhibit, facing down Vauquelin with the assistance of Mary DuBois – the stone angel. After the hellish artist is defeated, the room begins to destruct of its own accord. Dr. Nelson escapes to the vault, and he and Philippa find themselves back in the exhibit where all the destruction has disappeared, and it’s a regular art gallery once more.

He and Philippa go to leave and are stopped by a security guard who gives them a backstory and new identification, forbidding them to speak a word of the truth to anyone. The two leave unharmed, though shaken permanently. Jack stayed within the building when it began to collapse, sending him instantly to his own personal hell, punishing himself for a betrayal that he didn’t actually commit of his own accord. Lastly, Justin and Bennett try to escape the collapsing room. Justin alone emerges unharmed from the rubble, with a strange yet beautiful puzzlebox in his hand…

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