When last we found our crew, they had arrived at Waterdog Port — the bustling port city south of Pugmire — with the directive to find a person named “Muggerton”.

Upon arrival, Supervising-Co-Captain Queso informed her crew she would take their leave, as she had things to deal with while in Waterdog Port. She told them to meet her on the southwestern side before sundown. With that, she literally skipped off, disappearing into the busy dock crowds.

It was at this time that Quartermaster Damascus had some fun with Ham and threw a ball into the crowds. However, this did not go exactly as planned, as Ham was lost, stumbling after whatever caught his attention. The crew quickly followed, but lost his trail. Yet they had bumbled their way into a market square — particularly one with a hate store. Captain Renaldi stopped inside and purchased all of the largest hats, stuffing them into a bag, and then buying a singular smaller hat that he gave to Samira as Renaldi felt both the Captain and First Mate should have hates.

Samira as well found a boon, as she sought her way into a dark back alley where and old dog sat quietly staring off into space from his humble merchant stall. Samira reached into the stall and pulled out what she found to be a magical bow. She paid the old dog in kind and rejoined her friends.

From there the crew found Ham in the large town square enamoured by the shouting and ravings of a crow seeking to become a member of the highest office in the land — a Luminary. The crow spoke on a platform of Pawesome Junction being a threat to the free trade of the Acid Seas, as the Junction was a joint effort by Pugmire and the Monarchies. With the oration over with, the crowd dispersed, and The Crew sought out a pair of a dog and cat sitting in the square eating lunch. The dog and the cat reaffirmed that the crow had been vying for the position of Luminary for sometime and was wearing the current Luminaries down to push for a vote. The Crew informed the two that they were from Pawesome Junction, carried here under escort by Captain Queso Blanco. The dog and cat seemed to skip right over the part about being from Pawesome Junction, and scurried off disturbed by the notion that Captain Queso was in town.

Seeing the day drawing to a close, The Crew made their way over to the south side of town, meeting up with Captain Queso. She ushered them to the Salty Wet Dog where they interfaced with Muggerton, who wished of them to bring him his “soft crusty bread” in the morning, then he would tell them what he know of the missing Yuletree. More so, in the rowdy tavern they hired a new crew member — Beaver the Healer — to act as their medic.

In the morning they felt disturbed, and looked out their window to see scratch marks. They were not sure of those where there when they went to bed, but it seemed strange nonetheless. While acquiring the bread in the market square, Captain Renaldi spotted what he thought was someone watching them from the rooftops, and Damascus felt the same from someone in the crowds. They returned to Muggerton without issue, and delivered the bread.

Muggerton informed them that a new crew had rolled into town — the Jolly Spider Shadows. The wounds from the old wars were still healing, so he knew that none of the larger more established crews would seek to interfere with Pawesome Junction as it was a joint venture by Pugmire and the Monarchies. Muggerton suspected it was this younger more brash crew who might be responsible, or at least might know who was responsible.

Moving to the old docks where the Jolly Spiders kept an old warehouse, The Crew planned some subterfuge. However, it may go all to waste, as Ham walked up to the two rat guards and blatantly introduced himself.

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