Our monsters come back this session finalizing their plan of attack to take on the tasks they have been assigned by their groups. It was determined that the bridge should be blown up first, and Ian and Donovan worked together to make remote detonation explosives. The group then did some reconnaissance and research on the club and the vampire gang where they got a lot of info, but none of it was particularly emboldening.

The club was less of a club and more of a dive bar. It was called Mr. Martini’s and run by a “man” named Isaac. He was a world class mixologist and seemed even more adept than the usual bartender at getting people to pour out their secrets. He was known to wear a ring and stopped violence with a bang of his fist. He always looks tired and seems to be hooked up with all the most important people.

We learned the three vampires we needed to kill were part of an obscure and very powerful faction called Bilal’s Brood that embraced the “beast” part of the vampire and were consumed by it. They were Reese, an ex-military sniper, Ani, a set of twins become one, that hated hunters, and Summers, a fanatic genius. They rarely met up and used secret code to call their meetings. They also only fed on other vampires.

The monsters headed out to the bridge, and when they got there, it was covered in “graffiti” in Enochian. It warned people to stay away and that there were angels on guard. The group was able to successfully plant the explosives, but not before one of the angels spotted Cailleach and smiled at it. Disconcerting, but the group peeled away and pressed the detonator button thinking they had just scored their first victory, How wrong they were, as 6 tendrils of Contagion sped into the city. It would appear our gang had only made things worse.

The group went to the bar to check out the situation, and Donovan was able to spot Reese. Mac was to keep an eye on her while the rest of the group chatted up Isaac. Donovan was first to engage in conversation, and when the subject shifted to Benji, not of his choosing, he was offended and stormed out. Cailleach was next, and it was able to glean more information. It turns out Isaac was a fallen, but wished one day to become an angel again. It seems Demons were created once an angel experienced a human emotion.

Mac was warned by Reese to stay the hell away or there would be plenty of bullets to go around, and at Isaac’s suggestion, Cailleach rushed out to catch Donovan.

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