From the Travel Journals of Nimimil Anterome-Galanodel:

The Vorpal Vagabonds discuss our plan to de-crown the self-proclaimed king of goblins, Yek the Tall. Nim and Izzy have their own brainstorm, and an idea hits Nim. A sleeping cookie made by Izzy!

Izzy goes back to the herbalist that sold the Silver Hibiscus to Sprouting Hops, and she is convinced to sell Izzy a sleeping ingredient for knocking out the bugbear guards. Our halfling Izzy goes into a goblin kitchen, and finds a new friend – the lizardman Sharrask and frees him from his indentured servitude to the goblins, by paying 40 gold for him. (Which… the goblins said they’d have taken 20).

Our group enacts our plan, knocking out the bugbears. Shadow assassinates the fake king, and the goblins are grateful. Our revenant ally, Hallath, accompaniment takes out his vengeance on the captive dwarf. Nim attempts to convince Hallath that the dwarf deserves some last words, but he only calls the dwarf a liar, and Cal encourages the revenge. One murderer down, and two to go. Shadow and Cal inspect Yek’s bedroom and Shadow loots it for all that he can. Shadow is actually in such good spirits, that he shares the spoils with his Vagabond friends in greater measure than he normally would. He maintains the circlet for himself, wearing it in hopes it will attune to him.

We continue on with the blessing of the goblins as “goblin friend”, and they point us down the hall to the rest of the level. We make our way down the hall, and it’s lined with frescoes that move by magic. Sharrask touches it, but nothing happens and we travel on.

We encounter bugbears, part of Xanathar’s guild – they ask for a password, and Shadow gives a guess. Our tabaxi ventures closer, and the entire hall between us and the bugbears are trapped with pressure plates. Distance combat ensues, as Shadow verbally guides us through the trap-riddled floor. Most of our crew successfully makes our way over the traps, some with assistance – Izzy, a halfling throws Nim, the elf fully across. The battle continues with greater ease as we edge ever nearer to the enemies!

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