Dr. Nelson attempted to turn the painting around, and an undead being grabbed at him – at the loss of the shoe, the Doctor managed to get away without harm as a passerby gets eviscerated. Jack attempts to bust down the wall so to escape from the gallery, where the doors had been chained shut from the other side. Bennett is grabbed at by the stone angel but Desmond jumps in the way, the angel grabbing up Desmond in rage and crushing his skull with one hand and shattering his body. Justin attempts to destroy Vauquelin’s writing of evil runes upon the floor with a discarded cup of alcohol – it attracts his attention, and he looks deeply into Justin’s eyes, with his horrific powers forcing Justin to begin a transformation into his innermost evils.

With some teamwork, Jack and Benny manage to bust a hole in the drywall and our group of friends escape. Vauquelin smiles at us, curious, and the wall seals behind our escape. We’re dismayed to find that we’re… still in hell. Realizing that Gabriella has been left in the freshly sealed gallery room, Bennet and Dr. Nelson lose bits of their sanity. Dr. Nelson’s friend Mary signals to us, but only Jack notices. Jack and Justin work together to bring their psychologically scattered friends to the service door Mary has unlocked. Bennet and Dr. Nelson attempt to thwart their efforts with violence, unknowingly hurting their friends. Benny begins to transform with the strange living cutlery he’s been attempting to organize in his flareup of OCD.

Mary, the four friends, and a group of eleven others escape to a vault within the service tunnels, but even it will eventually bleed into the hellscape. Now having access to the security cameras, we peruse the different hellscapes, figuring out the other hellscapes must be Vauquelin’s. We venture to the version that is Paris in the 50s. Justin’s personal hell starts to bleed in and we witness one of his horrible deeds. Jack’s personal hell begins to bleed into the scene as well, and his wife, whom he had left in hell comes out of it and leads him within. Staring in the distance towards a house far off, Bennett determines with his new abilities that there is a source of pain from within it. We go to it, and enter a scene where a younger Vauquelin is being tortured by a purgatide that was once his father. The three of us – Justin, Dr. Nelson, and Bennett attack and manage to heavily wound the purgatide. Suddenly, Jack drops in from a rift in a rage, and finishes off the monster. Justin sees the chains with hooks on the ends, and decides they’re the only way to get out. He digs them deep in his skin after we reappear back in the tunnels.

Afterwards, we decide to go to the hellscape of Milan, Italy. There’s a scene of battle we arrive to, and surreal scenery. A being stands in the distance, faceless and in shadow that only Bennett is able to see. Sticking out like a sore thumb is a bombed-out bank. Inside of it we find a hollow version of Vauquelin and know that we have to fix it somehow. Looking around some more, it’s obvious that there are sketches around the place by Vauquelin, of a shadow figure that fits Bennett’s description of the figure he sees. It’s the thing that Vauquelin of today is trying to summon. Justin sees that he needs to use his psychology talents to comfort this iteration of Vauquelin – he does so, and past-Vauquelin dissolves, at peace.

We find ourselves back in the tunnels.

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