Our lovely band of monsters picked up from a lovely night’s rest. Donovan found a letter on the door form Benji explaining that he, Catyanna, and the girl all left to hide and keep themselves and Robynn safe. Benji left choice words for all of the group, but Donovan ripped out part of the message and destroyed the rest.

Donovan proceeded to make breakfast, poorly, and coffee. He filled Mac and Cailleach in on the missing party members when they woke up and they all questioned why they left and their motivations. Donovan seemed perturbed greatly.

Cailleach said she would join Naglfar’s Army, and lo and behold a phone call came in on Mac’s phone as the prince informed her that her “Coach” was on his way. Brandon was introduced to the party and we are not quite sure what he is, but he did have the ability to open a door to a house that seemed to be outside of time and space.

Donovan and Mac called Zero Hour and told them they were coming to join. When they got to the “compound” there were a lot more uniforms and firearms than there was previously. Mac and Donovan signed on the dotted line, maybe a little reluctantly as well as their newest ally, Ian, a mage.

They were given cool powers by their factions, and then Cailleach binded the group via a contract that prevented them from hurting one another, each other’s touchstones, and encouraged helping one another.

Their first assignment was given: Destroy what was left of the bridge, and cleanse the Contagion from the surrounding area including a nearby nightclub run by a demon and a restaurant with unparalleled Internet access. There was also a vampire posse that needed dealing with.

Our characters geared up and got ready to kick some ass and blow up buildings.

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