Hey there, snicker-snacks! Vorpal Tales is gearing up for the 2021 season by diving into all new sci-fi adventures.

Jumping off from our cliffhanger in our previous sci-fi Awesome AdventureOuter Worlds, Inner Demons — that ended in late October, the Vorpal Tales crew led by @SpacelordPJs will begin a brand new adventure using Modiphius Entertainment‘s Corvus Belli Infinity the RPG based on the 2d20 System. Infinity started out as a tabletop wargame back in 2005. Only recently has it been produced via a successful kickstarter into a tabletop RPG.

Infinity the roleplaying game was developed using the the 2d20 system which is the Modiphius house system, designed by Jay Little (Star Wars Edge of the Empire, The X-Wing Miniatures Game). It’s a very cinematic roleplaying system that bears similarities to the Infinity miniatures game such as using multiple d20’s to roll under a target number. 2d20 is also being used in the Mutant Chronicles RPG, Conan, and the John Carter Warlord of Mars RPG from Modiphius.

The 2d20 system is a dynamic, narrative system, designed to produce varied and interesting results from dramatic and action-packed situations. Characters roll two d20s, attempting to roll as low as possible on each one – the more dice that roll low, the more successes the character scores.

Tasks will require one or more successes to be successful, and any successes scored beyond that minimum become Momentum, which can be spent to achieve a variety of advantageous effects. However, this can come at a cost: characters who wish to succeed can push their luck, rolling extra d20s to boost their chances of success and the Momentum they generate. However, each extra d20 comes from the character’s resources – such as ammunition – or adds to a pool of Heat that represents all the things that can go wrong in a mission, which the GM can spend to complicate adventures and scenarios and make the characters’ lives interesting.

The Infinity storyline follows the battles of the Human Sphere against the alien Combined Army, a collection of conquered alien races led by an aggressively resourceful AI. A recent encounter with the enigmatic Tohaa, who want to ally with the Human Sphere against the common enemy, sets the stage for a vast story of conspiracy, war and adventure. 

The Infinity roleplaying game will give you all the tools you need to create an exciting campaign set anywhere within the Human Sphere: Play as Hassassin Govads seeking to recover the lost Cubes of their former brothers from the Equinox terrorists who stole them. Join the crew of the Go-Go Marlene! Show as location scouts. Journey into the depths of Acontecimento’s oceans in aquatic Apsara Lhosts. Hunt Shasvastii Speculo Killers through the shattered planetoids of Human Edge. Sign up for a PanOceanian mercenary company fighting Libertos rebels on Varuna, then steal a spaceship and become Haqqislamite privateers! 

Find out what happens when Vorpal Tales enters the world of Infinity with its new sci-fi Awesome Adventure — Inner Demons, Outer Worlds on Wednesday, January 6th 2021.

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