When last we left our intrepid Starfinders, they were facing down the barrels of laser rifles, held by the Analog Prison’s Guards. Ordering them to open their crates for inspection, they followed the order prepared for what might happen next. However, President Ovaltine’s (who was hiding in the crates) elite stealth skills had him elude their search, and the guards ordered the goods sent to the store room under escort.

There in the storeroom, Nyanta, Sobek, and Terry attempted to waylay their escort — unfortunately find it a difficult task to accomplish. Back at the entrance in a small waiting room, Nibble and Pepper sat quietly, though after their friends did not return for some time, they suspected something. Pepper flew into a frenzy in order to try and create a distraction.
Meanwhile back in the storeroom, President Ovaltine slipped out of the crate, out of the storeroom, and into the hallway. He saw at the center of the facility was one of the Custom Vaults much like on their ship and had dominated their lives for the past few weeks. He knew he needed a fob, and was not sure how he might get his hands on it. Throwing his voice, he announced to the station that were was “new porn” in the storeroom. This caused all the off-duty guards to come out of the gym and look up at the storeroom. President Ovaltine noticed that one guard passed off something to another — the fob — and started towards the storeroom.

It was at the moment that an alarm sounded throughout the facility. The guards immediately converged on the storeroom where they suspected the delivery crew was not as they seemed. In the waiting room, Nibble and Pepper struggled against their guarded escort, finally escaping into the ducts, and joining their crew in the storeroom. With little options left, and nearly the entire contingent of guardsmen converging on their position, the group broke out for the storeroom and made their way to the entrance of the prison courtyard containing the vault.
President Ovaltine lifted the fob from its carrier, and eluded guards by announcing that his 13-foot tall space fairy form was due to a “Space Wizard” in the store room. Struggling against all odds, the crew under the leadership of Captain Nyanta fought back against the guards, and pushed their way to the gates of the vault. There four guards were poised to gun down President Ovaltine. See no other choice, Sobek unloaded with his plasma bazooka, evaporating all of the guards near the Custom Vault, allowing Presiden Ovaltine to open it.

Inside were several ‘stacks’, along with one special one. Snatching them all up, the crew continued to blast their way out of the prison, making their way back up to the surface, avoiding the molten tides, and shooting off into space. Safe aboard their ship, but no worse for the wear, they built a construct for the stack of l33thaxxor and brought him online. Thankful to be restored to some capacity, and under the agreement they would get him a new sleeve body, he altered one of the existing fobs to work with the custom vault there on the Sunrise Maiden.
With held breath, they watched as the fob did its work. The vault doorway disappeared into the ether revealing…

Well…that is a story for another time. Catch up with us in the 2021 season of Vorpal Tales: Awesome Adventures where we utilize Modiphius Entertainment’s Infinity game system to continue our sci-fi story.

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