The group stays seated, panicking as Kass remains possessed across from them. The being within our medium taunts us, and Aldis tries performing a ritual. Apparently a ghost is riding within our Necromancer, and it is feeding information to him. It insists to use CJ’s blood for the ritual, saying that it is innocent, and that it will give it power. The young man reluctantly offers up his hand and is injured in the process. Everything just feels like absolute chaos.

Lupe uses his talents and is able to Dox the demon holding Kass captive. While it’s knocked out of her, the group gathers up their courage and talks for a bit, trying to figure out what happened. It’s then that we realize that Bradley is talking to himself, referring to himself in the third person a lot. The room grows cold and Kass begins to shake, knowing that the demon was getting closer again. The group searches the room until they find a hatch. Opening the hatch in the floor, it leads down into the cellar, pitch black and unaware of what’s waiting for them there.

Reluctantly, they all head there, and figure out that they can save all the spirits trapped within the house by setting them free. Aldis and Bradley work together to bring the spirits into the cellar, and it’s crowded with over a dozen of them. They all bicker and fight, some blaming the ghost hunters, while others are blaming the demon. They will killed to trap the Hunters there in the house for good.

CJ summons his power, using his ability to open a door to the Shadow Lands so that the spirits are able to be free. While this happens, the demon is knocking and slamming into the hatch door, taunting and trying to get the Hunters attention. With the spirits free, our Ghost Hunters are left with two choices; Run or Fight. Kass and CJ enter the portal to the Shadowlands, and it closes behind them. Aldis, Bradley, and Lupe stay and run further into the cellar, into the darkness.

The trio work hard, breaking things down as they’re being chased, and begin on working on some kindling and set the whole house on fire. They are just barely able to escape. While the trio are fighting in the house, somehow CJ and Kass are spit out in front of the house and get into the van and escape. They go to the police, hospital, and just feel all around broken by the turn of events. The pair go back to their shared home, sitting alone on the couch, traumatized their friends are missing.

But little are they aware, Lupe, Aldis, and Bradley are fine. They are able to escape the explosion of the home, and somehow there is another van there. They get treated and set up missing person posters for Kass and CJ. It seems that the pair got lost within the Shadowlands in their attempt to escape.

The house is defeated for the time being, but our Hunters will never be the same…

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