Vorpal Tales gives contemplation of mankind’s place in the vast, comfortless universe revealed by modern science. @EldritchEchoes is hosting Cosmic Horror nights on Sundays in the new season from which the horror springs from the discovery of appalling truth.

Cosmic Horror can be applicably defined Lovecraftian Horror and Cosmicism, and is heavily influenced by the philosophical notion of existential nihilism and philosophical pessimism, as well as the desolate quality of the natural world, and cosmos in general. We are all small, insignificant things made of star stuff making us inconsequential in the scope of cosmic reality. Humanity is at best a nominal footnote in the history of the universe, and at worst deserves no notice whatsoever. Skirting the line of rationality and sanity, one’s fragile psyche is a tenuous thing, with the experience of the horrors of the true nature of reality being enough to drive one to madness.

Join our weary band of brave investigators as they venture forth into the dark unknowns, starting Sunday, November 8th at 9pm with Terrifying Tales of Cosmic Horror!

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