We join our lovable monsters post philly cheese steak lunch as they had gone back to Mac’s place to determine how to kill their time until their meeting with the vampire prince of Chicago. They decided to check out another group of The Sworn called The Ship of Theseus. Just as they were about to try and find a way to contact this group, there was a knock at the door, and in walked the tall, gorgeous, demon rep. She gave the group her sales pitch about how the contagion was just the next evolutionary step for everyone, and then showed the group some fancy magic tricks and then left.

After her leaving it was discovered it was suddenly 5:30PM and the group made their way to the prince’s office in Mac’s badass Hunter-Mobile that had a weapon for just about every type of nasty beastie you could think of. The group parked in the parking garage and ascended the tower to be awed and impressed by the prince’s lavish office, intense security, and extravagant lifestyle. Once everyone was seated and the awkward small talk was out of the way, the prince called up his boss, and the fiery Tanny (Titania) was introduced to us. She was Queen of the Summer Court and Cailleach and she immediately clashed. One by one, Mac, Benji, and Catyanna all left to try and collect Robynn and just generally not talk to Titania, and this is where her true pitch began to Donovan and Cailleach. She promised great wealth and power and protection once this Apocalypse was solved and things returned to status quo.

The group left the office either to go home or try and find Robynn, as she had been whisked away by the Harpies to be shown a good time out on the town. Donovan had a minor “accident” opening up the Hunter-Mobile and cut his hand, and then proceeded to try and seduce Benji to embrace the beast. He got close, but Mac intervened just in time and a crisis was averted. 

Benji and Catyanna tried to go find Robynn in the hundreds of clubs in Chicago, while Donovan and Mac went back home and Cailleach went off to find some “friends”. Donovan and Mac had a heart to heart where Mac walked away unsure of what to believe about the Priest, but establishing a relationship, nonetheless. Donovan then proceeds to call up Nessa. Right at midnight, as the prince had promised, Robynn shows up white girl wasted and proceeds to puke on Donovan. Mac and Donovan clean her up, and then her phone rings and Benji and Catyanna are on their way home. 

Benji and Catyanna get home and proceed to yell at Donovan for not telling them Robynn got home. Cailleach arrives shortly after at the same time as Nessa. In Donovan’s hurry to get Nessa out the door he leaves behind his phone that Benji is able to snoop through and secures from Cailleach that she will not harm Nessa. Benji is able to save all of the incriminating messages to his phone between Donovan and Nessa.

Donovan admits to Nessa that he is a bad person and wishes he could stop self-destructing so that he could make the connections a normal human would. He admits that he wishes he could be more like Benji. Benji meanwhile, secures from Mac that if he ever loses control, Mac will put him down. 

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