Starfinders…son of a bitch, you’re in — When last we left our Starfinders, they were planning a heist on an secured prison, on a molten planet, with mostly analog systems, in order to keep its prisoner — an elite hacker — imprisoned for all time.

After a quick set of side-stories as each of them either tried to acquire equipment they thought they would need for their venture, or find out information for the task, they staked out the joint watching deliveries come too-and-fro.

They intercepted a delivery, hoping to take its place. After a quick starship battle, they crippled the ship and flew on to the prison planetoid. With security escort, they hovered over the planet, waiting for the molten tides to expose the rocky outcropping where the prison entrance lay. Using a hand crank elevator, Sobek — their mighty Vesk Veteran — hauled up the elevator, and cranked it back down just as the tide came back in.

Knowing they were trapped in the prison for another twenty-to-forty minutes, the crew brought the elevator to its bottom where for elite guardsman pointed rifles at them, demanding identification. Their forged IDs and manifest checked out OK, but the guards demanded the crew open the boxes. Knowing that President Ovaltine was hidden inside, they all took a deep breath waiting for whatever to happen next.

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