The scene begins with Aldis’ funeral. He’s lying dead in his casket, his son looking down at him, disdain in his voice. Aldis has his fingers poised to look like he’s giving a middle finger, this is part of the will it would seem. Aldis is struggling to escape his funeral nightmare, doing his best to avoid the chains and bear traps heading in his direction. While using his own abilities, it would seem Aldis is able to break free. The Undertake arrives and hands Aldis a knife, a twisted smile on his face. Instead of stabbing his son as instructed, the little girl in tattered clothes takes the place of the undertaker and gets stabbed instead.

Only the blood of your kin, she chants, wanting to make sure Aldis complies. Aldis runs away, grabbing his son in the process. Frustration and anger fill the room, causing the ghost version of his son to also fill with rage. He strikes at Aldis, who gets injured. The scene goes dark, dumping Aldis in a musty dark room, with a blood-soaked knife.

It transitions to Kass and Bradley back to the ocean in the middle of the room, still drowning and struggling to break free from their watery doom. Kass is lost in the darkness of the water, unsure on where she is in the sea. Bradley is also lost in the darkness, and tries to swim down, trying to find the door on the floor. Kass finally reaches the bottom, her fingers just brushing the door handle. Her lungs cannot hold any longer and she barely is able to open the door. A rush of water escapes as the door is opened. Kass and Bradley flood into the room, hitting Aldis in the process. Bradley passes out in pure darkness and wakes, to find that Kass is passed out and not reacting. Aldis tries to get up and assist Kass.

Then it turns to Lupe, stuck in the casino. Rows upon rows of slot machines are in his view, each with the number 2 on them. He tries to throw a coin at someone, but it misses, bouncing off the side of a machine and hitting Lupe on the head. He tries to hook into a machine, trying to see if he can get more data from this environment. Merging with the machine, he panics and disengages, screaming in terror. Lupe falls to the floor.

Behind the trio, Lupe arrives, coins littering the floor, with Lu passed out. CJ is stuck in the room, with the spiders, the exit with the number 2 covered in thick webs. Carefully he moves through the room, panic filling him as he uses the rods to slice through the webs. The lights go out, and once they return, thousands of little brown recluse are covering his body. He panics and is barely able to move through the webs and to rush through. He forces the door open and throws up before passing out onto the ground.

It takes Bradley slapping CJ awake to be able to save Kass, as CJ is skilled with CPR. She remains passed out, and CJ gives her the breath of life. Awake now, she panics and points to Bradley, saying his face changed. Lupe and CJ look at Kass like she’s crazy. There’s no one else in the room but Kass, Lupe, and CJ. It would seem that Brad and Aldis passed away during their trials. Kass uses her abilities to communicate with the pair. Brad slaps CJ to show he’s there, and CJ does feel the touch, but it’s slimy vs being a harsh touch. The group works together and sets up a spirit box or ghost box, so they are able to still keep in touch with one another.

Aldis decides to scan the room, and reads that there are others in the room, aside from the 5. Soon a large humanoid shape is underneath the sheet and it’s charging after CJ. Kass immediately casts a ritual that wards away the evil in the room, this causes Bradley and Aldis to be pinned against the wall. The group tries to figure out a way to get out before Aldis gets annoyed and demands to be let free from the walls. Within minutes a black hole opens up, and the old man emerges from the hole, coughs up a black ickor, and gets right in Kass’ face.

He whispers something in her ear, his grey eyes taking on a greenish hue. This is a noticeable difference, but we’re not able to really talk about this before CJ panics because something touches him. After some karate moves, he calms down and he hears a whisper in his head. A voice telling him that something is amiss about Kass. It’s her fault Bradley drowned, regardless of what she says. Don’t listen to Bradley, he’s confused. Kass is twisting his thoughts. Is this house manipulating the Patrol? Aldis is also against Kass, more so than usual. CJ is confused and hurt, scared. But he feels like he can trust this voice.

Kass and Bradley try to convince to CJ and Aldis that she wasn’t the reason he drowned. Lupe says that everyone needs to take a break and relax. Something is wrong and it’s affecting everyone here. Kass suggests that Aldis should bring Bradley back, like he did for himself. With consent, Bradley is brought back but something seems off about him. He’s silent, and it seems frozen. It takes Lupe touching him for him to freak out and screams. He talks about a second memory, a memory of hands pulling him down, holding him down. But he doesn’t want to believe it. They continue to talk around over and over about how Kass is suspect. CJ gets the idea that if he can scare Kass, she will drop her concentration and reveal the hidden door to exit this place. Once she screams, the door immediately shows up.

It feels like this is just proving CJ and Aldis right, that Kass is responsible. The group decides that they need to take Kass with them, to keep an eye on her. Once they move through the room, it’s a dark room with a table covered in food. There are 5 chairs in the room, each one labeled with a person’s name. Kass has her chair across from the other 4, on the table there are tarot cards.

Everyone takes a seat, and Kass waits until everyone explains what their room was before taking her seat. The medium reluctantly shuffles the cards after blessing the cards. She draws them, and each card causes the room to change in twisted and horrid ways. The lights go completely dark and Kass’ voice changes. Her voice taunts Aldis, claiming to know what he did. She throws the rotten food at the group, getting in their face. She continues to taunt them before another flash of lightning darkens the room. Kass returns to her chair. But dark shadowy things are climbing down the walls, inching closer and closer to the group at the table. What will happen to our ghost hunters? Are they doomed to spend their eternal rest trapped in the Chimera House?

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