When last we left our Starfinders, they were staring down a hallway filled with a laser grid that was barreling at them. With some quick skills and ingenuity, they were able to only have to suffer through one wave of the lasers.

The door at the opposite end led a comfy waiting room, with another door. On the opposite end of that was a room just like it. After meandering about for a bit trying to figure out the “trick” to the room, Nyanta and Pepper both started attacking their crewmates. Quickly subduing them, they discovered they were being controlled by tiny robotic mites. President Ovaltine attempt to take the one off of The Captain, but the surgery was less than successful. With a few more skillful endeavours Pepper and Nyanta were returned to normal.

They finally made it to the last room, a series of stairs leading up. President Ovaltine attempted to check if the stairs were treacherous, and everything seemed fine. Climbing them, the seventh stair, not the sixth was trapped and a sonic blast sent them reeling back down the stairs. It was about this time that Johnathan Cade realized he had visitors and welcomed them to come on up.

With a brief conversation, and the cheapest of hors d’oeuvres, they discussed the custom vault with Cade. He had his old fob, but knew it would be of no use to them. He dumped his vault out into space some time ago as the trick he performed with it bombed on its first viewing. Cade mentioned he had to reconstruct his fob using a hacker-type who was really good with algorithms — SexyHaxxorLeetD00d6969. However, HaxxorD00d got pinched for some crimes against the state and was sentence to life in a prison built specially for him — an all analog construct, with his brain on ice in a stack, in a vault, deep in a facility in a planetoid who’s surface was molten from the nearby star.

President Ovaltine managed to use his underworld contacts to find the plans to a prison no one was meant to break into or out of. With that “look” towards Cade, “Son of a bitch!” he was in. The crew had a heist on their hands.

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