From the Travel Journals of Nimimil Anterome-Galanodel:

Shadow leads the way, and our next discovery is a statue of an eye in the area that the Grick Snack goblins were residing. It looks realistic, and is strangely covered in bloody handprints. It isn’t associated with any deity, but could be a general symbol of the “all seeing eye,” here since the original dungeon.

Sprouting Hops finds a spike pit, with a goblin dead on the spikes. Nothing vital is found, only some goblin scribblings and a crossbow and some bolts.

We decide to journey on – some of us more reluctantly – through a tiny, hand-carved tunnel (maw-carved?), with Izzy leading the way. Enthusiastically, she goes bounding to the end and we follow, and have a surprise encounter with the gricks themselves! Giant, venomous cave worms with a painful bite. After a long and arduous battle with two Carrion Crawlers and one Alpha Grick, our party escapes with many wounds but alive.

Taking some time to search the cavern, Shadow climbs to the ceiling, and finds a mummified minotaur that holds a great axe, with two gemstones resting in its eye sockets.

Deeper in, we come across some minor grick tunnels which the smaller gricks had evacuated due to hearing their Alpha’s death throes. We exit the tunnel, and come to the sound of crying. Izzy bravely (with Shadow close behind), discovers the source – a lone person separated from his crew for 10 days, having run out of rations and out of hope. The man, Kelim “The Weasel”, is found to be telling the truth, and admitting he ran off from his people in fear. He confesses he’s a thief, and even Xanathar’s Guild wouldn’t have him. In payment for helping him leave, he offers us a book of arcane spells that Cal recognizes as useful, as well as platinum pieces and gold pieces. Thieving from the thief, Cal grabs the arcane book. Shadow tries to talk Kelim out of the bag of platinum and gold, but manages only a platinum with a promise on his guild that we take the man back to the Yawning Portal. We agree, as we don’t wish to bring him along to the depths of the Dungeon. Kelim asks us who he should say saved him as he climbs into the bucket of Yawning Portal… which makes us contemplate. With combined ideas, we come to the conclusion Vorpal Vagabonds.

Now in the safest part of the dungeon, we decide to rest and Cal reads through the arcane book. Before resting, Nim realizes belatedly that they can remove Izzy’s cursed sword. Before resting, Nim prays to Sashelas for safe travels through the rest of the Dungeons and gains a vision of a city beneath them, with salt water to facilitate a deeper connection to Sashelas. With that, the Vorpal Vagabonds rest.

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