Beginning the day after the initial email, the group is sitting in the small conference room at the hotel, the group is drinking coffee and just trying to get their bearings and figure out what they plan to do in order to prepare for this Haunted House. Kass decides that she’s going to do a reading, to get an idea on how things will play out for us in the week. It goes about as well as you’d expect, our lovely medium pulling card after card of bad omens and luck.

Leave it to Aldis who, says he doesn’t doubt the woman’s abilities, but he feels there’s something suspect about her pulling almost the same identical cards as before. Dropping off a handful of unopened tarot cards, he offers to shuffle them for her and asks her to draw the cards again. Lupe offers to record the footage, thinking that this of course would make for good tv and drama. Kass does so, begrudgingly, and pulls more negative cards. She’s about ready to throw them in his face, when Aldis pulls his own card. It’s the Devil. CJ panics slightly and pulls a card, also pulling the Devil. He does it again. The Devil. Bradley pulls a card, Surprise: it’s the Devil. Kass panic and drops the cards, and every single one of them is the Devil. She bends down and begins to pick up the cards but this time around, they’re all different, as if nothing happened. Replaying the footage, everyone’s reactions were the same, as if still reacting to the Devil, but each card is actually different. What is going on?

Deciding that this was just a weird set of circumstances, the group goes off, each doing their own things during the time prior to meeting at the house, including getting some possible schematics from town hall, and reviews of the house. Aldis and Lupe decided to head over to the address given, to check out the house. It’s a nice big gated community, but the house was nowhere to be found. Just a large empty plot with nothing there.

The big day arrives and the group heads over to the house. There is a large home there now, but it looks insanely empty. No one at the ticket office. They continue through the front gate, when Kass realizes that as the gate shuts, the car is now missing. But that can’t be true? It’s just an illusion. That’s just not possible, right? Everything is perfectly fine. Nothing weird about walking into the house with no one else around. Nope. This is fine.

Once they enter the house, CJ is amused and takes a small fake rat and stuffs it into his pocket. It’s squishy and cute, and he thinks maybe his cat would like to play with it later when he gets home. They move onto the next room and they find a room with busts that resemble each cast member. Everyone’s face is contorted in horror, except for Aldis, who simply looks like he’s dead. CJ takes a selfie with his bust, and Lupe touches his, finding that its somehow made of chocolate. This is a weird thing, but it seems to trouble the man. Bradley accidentally bumps into his, and as it’s knocked over, it hits the ground and releases a large number of bugs. All of them scurry and scoot across the floor.

Aldis gets annoyed and picks his up and throws it on the ground, and Kass takes out an energy bar from her bag and quietly sets it beside her bust, as if giving it an offering. A door slams, and the group is effectively trapped in the room now. All they can do is move forward. Bradley seems to be the first of the group to venture forward, disappearing into the room with the large 1 on the front of it. It’s dark, and he cannot feel the edges inside of this room. As he inches forward, he falls into a large pit of water. But how is this possible? This can’t be the design of the room? He calls out, and he hears nothing, just silence.

The group goes in after him, and it seems the design of the house plays on each persons fear. Lupe goes in after Bradley and is met with a casino. Is his fear gambling? Being overtaken by addiction? CJ follows, and is met with spider webs. Hundreds, possibly thousands of them. Kass follows, and also drops into the pit of water, watching hopelessly as Bradley is taken by some large tentacle, dragging him down into the depths of the pit, a large 2 printed on the floor of the water pit. Aldis follows through, and is met with his mortality, watching through the eyes of his son his own funeral and that ultimately, he will die alone and that no one cares for him.

Each person is stuck and faced with a huge fear. Will these consume our crew, or will they be able to move forward and win the ultimate prize of $10,000?

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