We open on our lovely group of monsters at Macintosh’s place. It turns out he has got a totally, super sweet apartment with a great city skyline view. Our team takes a moment to take stock of their situation, their new “friends” and what course of action to take. 

Upon further examination of Robynn it was clear that she was effectively “cured”.  Proper safety precautions were still followed and it was agreed second opinions should be had, but the more important question turned to, what faction made the most sense, and what should be done with the girl.

Everyone quickly agreed that no unnecessary harm should befall the girl, but after that is where differences in opinion started. Benji suggested that the girl should be in charge of her own fate, even if it hurt other innocents. Catyanna backed him up, and the rest were content to wait and see what she wanted to do and act from there. 

After a hearty soup, some smoked meats, cold beer, and a cigar, Robynn was woken up and she decided that she would like to join our loveable monsters on their tour of the factions. It was noted that she seemed to be bonding quite well with Cailleach, spiders and all.

The day started with a trip to the local cult headquarters. Cailleach and Donovan decided to skip this first meeting, and go have a more fulfilling breakfast. The rest of our group met the man in charge of the Crucible Initiative. He turned out to be a werewolf and had a few choices zingers for Benji about his fear of being who he was. He reminded us that they view the Contagion as a Plague and that the only way to deal with a plague is to employ a scorched earth policy. Needless to say, Macintosh had a few choice words for this guy, chief among them being “fascist”.

Donovan and Cailleach went to Donovan’s favorite pub, The Broken Keg, and were seated by his favorite waitress, and he was served his favorite drink. He then seduced her to his car, where Cailleach got to show her its favorite arachnid. The Beast and the Changeling fed well.

The group met up at the local Jeremiad center where they reconvened with Luke, the Mage. Luke was able to procure a ceremony to absolutely make sure Robynn was cleansed of the Contagion, and it was there that Donovan was able to meet an Ascended Beast and even connect a Chamber to her Lair. They were reminded by Luke that the Contagion was divine retribution whether it was the Night Mother’s, God’s, or some other Power. The way to fight was to convert and cleanse with fire, all must become converted.

Next stop was to see Marissa, our friendly neighborhood Geist and Zero Hour representative. Her place was a super sweet gamer/hacker paradise, and Robynn and Marissa got along thick as thieves. Marissa reminded us that they viewed the Contagion as an adversary, an enemy occupying army that needed to be brought down Red Dawn style.

Everyone had a lot of thinking to do as they went into their last scheduled meeting, the Prince of Chicago and the Naglfar Army.

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