CHARLIE Team Short Mission Log:

Our crew gets out of the building, traumatized from the unnatural situation that they just endured. Chaplin is dead, as is Silva. Mason is now in charge and we are joined by Iona and Dante in our evacuation.

We make our way to the medical center, with extremely limited staff and equipment pinging alarms. The medic takes Zmijewski into the exam room, panicked. The new leader, Mason, divulges to the rest of the crew about the similar monsters that she had encountered (and survived, barely) before, elaborating that they have evolved since then. Mason and the crew inspect some of the room, and come across some grisly and strange scenes – one of which being Carvalho, with the doctor in the room terrified and holding the ex-marine’s pulse rifle. On the other side of the medical center, Iona and Hammer are called to Mason and Dante to de-escalate the situation. Suddenly, Carvalho grabs a laser and starts to cut into himself and a metal-toothed worm thing bursts out of him. The little monster escapes and terrorizes the crew that’s locked in the medical room, with Zmijewski and Hammer watching helplessly from outside the locked door. Someone stabs the thing, and acid blood squirts all over Iona. The creature leaps out at Mason and rips open her throat, clinging on. Mason goes at it with her knife, successfully stabbing it but also becoming incapacitated by the acid. Carvalho is deceased along with the chest-buster.

The Doctor greets us, having finally calmed enough from the chaos, and debriefs us on what happened to Carvalho and Wojcik before she escaped the hospital. Carvalho was a man with an alien inside, and Wojcik was an alien inside a human suit. The Doctor stocks us up on various materials and we head to hangars nearby, allowed in by our credentials. Within hangar one is the HMS Magpie, the ship that the AWOL Marines were going to escape from the moon on. The second hangar is packed with evacuees. Surprisingly despite being the ex-Marines’ method of escape, the HMS Magpie is gutted.

We get out of the APC and go to break in hangar two, but we’re met with sniper fire of the AWOL Marine, Wright. She tells us that she’s got a monster inside of her, and that Reese did too but it was too late for him and has contaminated the prison he got locked in. Iona manages to talk down Wright, and we gather in distance within the hangar. The Dogcatchers, a group of elite mercenaries surround the hangar and the head of the project, Mallory Eckford, tells us to come out because we’re now considered AWOL Marine terrorists in addition to Wright. Wright tells us that Eckford is the reason the monsters have been introduced to the planet.

Suddenly the outside threat is scattered, invasion by the Union of Progressive Peoples has begun. War has come to Ariarcus.

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