We open back on our loveable group of monsters dealing with being in a Nazi dystopia. Macintosh wastes no time making his presence known by gunning down and punching Nazis. Donovan, after securing Nessa, Assists in the punching of Nazis. Meanwhile, Catyanna, Benji, and Cailleach found Robynn, Catyanna’s young charge, engrossed by a book. She was in almost a catatonic state, unphased by the gunfire. Catyanna, touching her, became engrossed too. Benji was able to pick up the child and carry her out to the waiting ambulance, Catyanna in tow.

As Cailleach left to catch up, she caught up with a young cyberpunk hacker and decided to hitch a ride in her Porsche to chase down the ambulance. They both could see that the Nazi realty was centered on the ambulance and was on the move. The source MUST be the girl. Catyanna caught up to a young priest of what seemed to be every faith that when he got near her, caused her to feel pain. They sped off after the ambulance in his jeep. Finally Donovan and Macintosh made an uneasy alliance and hopped in Macintosh’s car. All of our monsters were on their way to the hospital.

Upon arrival, Cailleach and the hacker were able to pass themselves off as drunk, injured girls in need of help to the Nazis in charge of the hospital. The young “priest” gave Catyanna an amulet which allowed her to see the truth that this Nazi reality was not the real reality, and she was able to successfully pass for having a heart attack. Finally Macintosh and Donovan rolled up, and as Donovan handed Mac his new clip, he gave him a wink and said “Watch this” as he unleashed the Beast and was able to utterly destroy 6 Nazis in one go.

Macintosh busted down the door of the hospital, and while the civilians ran for cover, all of our supernatural monsters stood their ground and finally had a proper face to face talk. The “priest” revealed himself to be a Mage and was able to cast a spell that paused time as well as revealed all of the monsters’ true forms to one another. After taking stock, a chuckle was heard as the third interested party, the Vampire prince of Chicago, joined everyone.

Each side pleaded their case. The hacker revealed herself to be a Geist, and her group would use the girl as bait to lure out whatever powerful entity had caused the current predicament in Chicago so that it could be dealt with. While being used as bait the girl would be studied and attempted to be cured. The Mage and his group theorized that either humans, monsters, or both had committed grievous sins and repentance must be had. They promised that they would attempt to cure the girl, and failing that would make sure her soul was saved, and then move throughout the city, removing sin where possible and burning it with fire when not. The prince suggested the girl be studied and experimented on so that whatever was in her could either be cured, reversed engineered, or weaponized. This was because the elder, ancient evils were commencing a war in which we were just pawns.

The party was split in which faction to join. Catyanna and Benji sided with the Mage, while Macintosh and Cailleach sided with the Geist. Donovan, after initially siding with the Prince, decided to join his human friend and favorite “cousin” with the Geist. He was unsuccessful in trying to persuade Catyanna to switch sides as her top priority is the girl and her safety.

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