October is the scariest month of the year, and as such, Vorpal Tales is pulling out all the stops with the most discomforting tales they could think of. @EldritchEchoes gamemasters the crew through Modiphius Entertainment’s, Kult: Divinity Lost. The first session started on the 9th, and play opposite to Alien the RPG on alternating Friday nights at 9pm.

After a rundown of rules, for our first session of Kult: Divinity Lost, our characters were described to the audience and each other. The rich, horrific backstories of each was recounted in as much detail as possible, and thus introducing how our beings were touched in some way by the Inferno. After an arduous journey though these tortured (or torturous) characters lives, the players did in-character rounds of “Never Have I Ever”, “Would You Rather”, and a few other camaraderie-building exercises, which was both informative and amusing for all involved.

After the rounds of in-character icebreakers, the world of Kult: Divinity Lost was explained to our crew – similar to our present, but different in many other aspects. A vague 90s-esque era in combination with the Death Angel (DM) alterations. In the last moments of session, our characters we cordially invited to an ominous art opening. The pull of curiosity (or perhaps obligation) is too strong to ignore.

Find out what happens next on alternating Friday nights!

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