When last we left our Starfinders, they had “befriended” Mean Tom from the bar, agreeing to add him as part of their crew in exchange for leading them to the old manufacturing plant.

Once there, they scoped out the place, finding that it had robotic defenses that engaged once moved within a certain distance from the plant. Using a coodinated attack, they too out the robotic drone protectors and approach the old plant unimpedded. Taking precautions, they investigated all entrances, with Pepper finally going in through the old “smoke break” doorway. Inside, the group found the plant to be vacant of an accutruments, papers, materials, or anything. It was a shell of a office building an manufacturing plant. All that was really left were a few computers and pieces of old vaults in various stages of assembly, but nothing they could directly use. The old plant would take significant investiment in order to ever be operational again.

The only thing they could find was on the computers; a reference page to the Johnathan Cade, LLC. It was known to them that Mister Cade was a common-speaking individual who’s profession was an illusionist and escape artist. He was known to be rather eccentric, living in a masion-like space station between the Gas Giant and one of its moons in the Local Solar Sector. This would require passing through the Tannhauser Gate.

Through quick thinking, and some computer wizardry, they managed to forge documents for their ancient spaceship that had not been on the grid in practically eons. Passing through the gate, they arrived at Cade’s residence, and we’re invited inside by automated attendants. Unbeknownst to them, while Cade was always open to receiving guests, they would have to prove themselves worth of his precense through a series of escape artist-like tests based on some of his best acts.

The first of these is a long hallway leading from the docks to the station. A laser grid spans the hallway and is barreling towards you.

Tune in next week for Cade’s House of Illusional Horrors!

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