This past Sunday, the Vorpal Tales crew lead by @MarronRecluse started down another adventure in an age undreamed of, with Modiphius Entertainment’s, Robert Howard’s Conan.

We were introduced to our adventurers who, through various means, ended up serving aboard the Black Galleon; a large vessel dispatched by King Karis of Corinthia to journey west in order to find out what happened to his treasure seeking son Nasos and his crew. Their adventure took them to places never before explored by anyone who has survived the phenomena that is known as the Eye of Xotli.

After disembarking and setting up camp, our crew was assaulted in the night by flying apes with demonic red eyes. These terrors took several of the ship’s crew captive and flew away into the night. Horath the sea raider narrowly avoided being crushed by two creatures, expertly parrying one and moving out of the way of the other. Qwaris the Socandagan druid summoned sabretooth tigers, which proceeded to maul and disperse the apes, Fritjof bisected one of the creatures in horizontal fashion while Sir Aeneus cleaved another’s head open. Artemios and Declan the skald perforated one ape, killing it instantly.

But even as they dispatched the flying hordes, many of them had managed to ransack the camp and captured several sailors that were essential in order for the Galleon to function. As the remaining apes threatened to overwhelm the rest of the camp, however, arrows and spears began to rain down on the demonic looking monsters from the treeline at the edge of the camp. A Pict tribe sporting red paints helped to drive the rest of the attackers away from the remaining crew before disappearing into the brush of the jungle.

Having identified the natives as one descended from old Atlantean tribes, Qwaris informed Captain Octavos that they were dealing with a tribe known as the Dano. Octavos designated the group to head into the jungle to pick up the trail of the natives. If anyone knew anything about the flying apes and where to find them, it would be them.

Qwaris and Artemios lead the rest of the group, except Sir Marcelles, safely through the jungle and up a large hill. Ensuring the locals that they were there for the previous colonials that had arrived earlier, referring to Nasos and his crew, the Dano people directed the group to a small hut housing a young girl of 14 years. Qwaris noticed wards that had been erected outside the hut.

The Dano referred to the young girl as “the Silent One,” and said that she had come with the previous expedition. According to them, the elders decided to have the girl be killed on the sole fact that she was an outsider. When three warriors were locked in the same room as the girl, many recalled hearing their bodies drop dead without a mark on them.

The group gathered noticed that she wore a necklace of seashells interspersed with well engraved pieces of metal that Qwaris was able to identify as actual enchantments from actual sorcery. Talking to her, the group quickly realized that though she understood their words, she couldn’t communicate by talking.

Declan, becoming aware of several clues, quickly came to the conclusion that this girl was in fact Nasos’ daughter. The seemingly last survivor of the mávro féretro is Karis the Conqueror’s granddaughter.

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