On October 7th, the Vorpal Tales crew, lead by @EldritchEchoes, started with a new Terrifying Tale, World of Darkness — Ghost Hunters: Chimera House.

Starting out, the team is split between two cars as they head towards the house. Aldis is fairly sure Chris is gonna freak out, as usual, and he’s wanting documents and information to make sure he knows the blueprints of the building beforehand so he can preemptively stop the kid from getting overly excited and blaming everything on ghosts.

Kass is driving the car as Lupe and Aldis talk about the internet, trying hard not to lose her mind as she spies a young girl covered in a bloody dress bolt in front of the car. CJ and Bradley almost hit the car in front of them, before they start talking to Kass about the alleged girl. The group is a little split but come to the consensus that maybe Kass was tired and was seeing things.

The P.P. pull up to the house, and Aldis rolls down his window and talks to the homeowners and Bradley interrupts to make sure they are set up properly for the interviews. The house is called the McMurty House, built by McMurty, who allegedly killed his family, stabbing them in various parts of the house with knives and other sharp objects before committing suicide by hanging in the attic.

The woman explains that the one and only night she ever spent here, was in the living room. Her husband was called away to work, leaving the woman by herself. She was planning to renovate the home to flip it for a profit, and instead of a pleasant night, it was a nightmare, literally scaring her. The woman shows off her leg, showing off three long scars burned into her. She is traumatized and refuses to set foot inside the building.

After the interview, the group begins to start setting up for the night, but CJ gets startled due to a loud door slamming upstairs. Aldis and Lupe start doing a quick sweep of the house, making sure everything is clear to set the fears of both Kass and CJ who seem upset alright. Eventually they come across the culprit, a swinging door moving due to a breeze from an open window.

As the boys set up, Kass is looking through her Tarot cards to get a reading of the house. She screams as she draws the Devil card. The house erupts in chaos, all the windows and doors slamming shut loudly. Chris rushes over to her, and panics slightly, watching as all the Tarot cards turn into Ghost cards.

During the exchange between Chris and Kass, Aldis and Bradley witness a ghost appearing in a chair. It’s an older man wearing a tank top, and his head has clearly been blown off. In a raspy voice, he tells the others that they will never escape the house, don’t go into the house. As he leaves, warm blood is left behind. Aldis touches the blood and writes on his body, writing his prayer save, and tries to talk to the ghost. In this process, he tries to summon the ghost again, to get him to speak on what happened, on what house he was talking about, and who he was. However, he fails, and instead summons a large group of different ghosts in its stead, all of them screaming and shouting silently. In the back of Bradley and Aldis’ mind, they hear the same words repeated. Don’t go into the house. You’ll never leave.

Overcome with paranoia and finding that Kass is the enemy, the older man blames the young medium for whatever is occurring and tries to harm her. This completely confuses the group, but the boys attempt to wrestle the older man out, only to fail and watch him escape on his own and calm down outside. CJ is still freaking out, knowing that the bad juju was affecting the older man in some manner, but he wasn’t exactly sure on how this was happening.

The rest of the night, nothing scary happened, which was both a great sigh of relief for Chris, but the others were a little concerned and disappointed. Once morning came, the woman and her husband returned, waiting for the others at the gate as they were ready to leave and heading back towards the hotel. The woman only smiled and knew that something crazy had happened within the home.

They spent the day at the hotel, and after hours of editing and putting together some last minute voice overs, Bradley submitted the footage to the Exec down at the production company that is willing to give the Poltergeist Patrol: Ghost to Ghost group a chance. She calls in and tells CJ that they had a trial run assignment for them in about 2 months. In all their excitement, Lupe receives an email in the spam folder, informing him of a Haunted House contest. Supposedly it was so intense, there was a $10k cash prize at the end of it.

This amount got the group excited, and they began discussing how they would spend the prize money on equipment, new cars, clothes, and other such items that would really help them out get the best EVPs and the like for the new gig with the Exec.

They decided they could check out this haunted house amusement. It wasn’t real, so nothing bad could really happen, right? Find out next time!

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